Contemplative Photography with the TG-5

I like playing with cameras and processing but live in a less than rich environment for finding images since I don’t travel anymore.  These factors have led me to various schemes or excuses for making pictures.  In past years I tried a lot of lenses and cameras while trying to photograph the same things differently.

Now that I have come close to stopping the practice of trying different gear I have been evolving to using the cameras and lenses I have while I try to use them differently.  Many years ago, I came across the idea of contemplative photography.  If you check out this web site, you will see a good definition of it as well as lots of examples.  The pictures keep changing and will be different over time when you check back again.

I made the above images this morning with my Olympus TG-5.  It isn’t my best camera, but it is ideal for carrying in my pocket to make these kinds of images when something catches my eye.


It was lonesome, dark, dreary, and sprinkling when I decided to take a short walk this morning even though my back was hurting.  I didn’t see anyone else out walking, but it was an ideal time to exercise the Olympus TG-5 camera.  I bought it primarily for times like this since it is weather proof and fits in a pocket.  I also bought it to mostly make B&W images since conditions like today beg to be in B&W.  After I make images like these I think even more about using it more often.  I even sometimes think that I could make-do with just this camera for my personal images; well, at least until I start thinking about F2 images of flowers etc. this summer.

Walk with the X100F

I took a walk yesterday when the temperature was in the 60s.  The sky was flat and there wasn’t much of interest to photograph but I did make these just to keep in practice.  It rained all night and looks like it will rain most of today.  My back is hurting after yesterday’s walk so I’ll not walk much today.  I might try to make a few images around the Villa with the TG-5.

Chasing Light with the X100F

If I could, I would prefer to wander around and chase light and shadows and details with my Fujifilm X100F camera.  My problem is a lack of going and coming and finding suitable images.  I made the above while sitting in front of my computer the other morning.

I like the X100F well enough that I keep wondering if I could manage to find enough images, so I could just use it for all of my photography, including my Homewood photography.  I have been continuing to experiment to see if it is possible.  I think I could except for making pictures in the Omni room here at Homewood and photographing scenes like in my last two posts.  The main problem is that I can’t get in front of the audience in the Omni Room and photographing from behind the audience requires a longer focal length.

One potential solution that I am pursuing is to use both my X100F and my E-M1 Mark II with the 75mm prime lens.  I would use my X100F as a compromise for most of my images whenever the 75mm micro 4/3 lens on the E-M1 Mark II was too long.  There would be a few times when the effective 35mm focal length is not wide enough, but those times are rare enough that I could skip those shots.

The other big issue for me is, why not use the 14-150mm lens on the E-M1 Mark II camera for all of my outdoor photography?  There is no valid reason except that I would rather carry and use my X100F.  Is that a sufficient reason for not using the 14 – 150mm micro 4/3 system?  Is that a sufficient reason for giving up those effective 300mm shots?  Is that a sufficient reason for me to try to modify my photography to fit the X100F camera and lens?  Maybe, at least for my personal photography, if I can find enough things of interest to photograph.

If I am to be successful, I just have to shift my field of view to those things closer to me and get closer.  If I can’t, I haven’t lost anything since I still have and can return to carrying and using my micro 4/3 zoom lenses.

Earlier & Later


I made these last evening.  I’m still dithering with myself about what to do with my photography.  I make these kinds of images to have something to work with and to satisfy some of my local viewers.  I used what has become my production camera for most of my Homewood photography, but I would rather use my X100F for my personal photography when I can find suitable subjects.

Plum Creek

After the rain stopped yesterday afternoon I took my E-M1 Mark II with the 14-150mm lens for a walk.  I needed to start getting back in the practice of walking and seeing images.  The above pictures are some of the images I made of Plum Creek.

Later this week I’ll show you some more images that I made on my walk.  Since I walk almost every day over the same small areas, it is hard to make different images unless the weather is different.  Yesterday it was rainy and foggy most of the day; i.e. the kind of day I like for photography.  One of my reasons for going back to micro 4/3 photography was to be able to have a weather resistant system with a longer zoom lens so that I could make images like these.  While I would like to have a lens that goes longer than 150mm, I will probably just use this one and then crop-zoom if necessary; but I’ll also keep thinking about a longer lens.