It’s Different

l am still learning how Sony treats their settings differently.  I think the only things I changed which resulted in these images were the white balance weighted towards white and the center weighted exposure.  One other change was that all were shot in shutter priority set to 1/125 sec., but I doubt that had any effect.  From the original jpegs the rest of the effects were the result of my LR preset and auto tone.  I don’t think I will live long enough to get a handle on this Sony A6400 camera.

Still Checking Sony vs. Pentax

I am considering keeping the Sony A6400 camera and lens, but only if it checks out and I am satisfied enough.  It is a used camera and lens.  My sole reason for considering this Sony gear is to obtain a lighter and smaller system than my Pentax gear.

I have made a number of comparison images between the Pentax and Sony.  The colors are different but I haven’t found anything significant color-wise that would make me reject the Sony.  My biggest complaint with the Sony is that it is far more complex as far as the menu goes and it will take me a while to learn their system, but that shouldn’t be a problem.  I have had years to learn the Pentax system and hopefully I can learn and adjust to the Sony system.

The biggest differences are the size, weight, and ruggedness.  The Pentax K-3 III is more rugged and able to withstand being knocked about and used in the rain, snow, and mud.  But the difference of most interest to me now is the difference in weight.  The Pentax K-3 III with the Pentax 18-135mm lens weighs 1220g, while the Sony A6400 with the Sony 18-135mm lens weighs 730g.

Cool Morning

It was cool this morning and was trying out a Sony A6400 camera with the Sony 18-135mm lens.  This isn’t too bad considering I made the jpeg image through a double pane window at 135mm and then cropped it and resized it.  I’m still setting the menu items to what I prefer.  It will take a while since the Sony menu is complex and I’m not familiar with it.

The Vine

I set out to make these in color, but the background colors were varied and disruptive in my opinion so I switched to my favorite monochrome.  It makes a more pleasing set with the emphasis on the flowers.  The vine is on the fence around the small pond.

I actually tried these scenes using two different cameras and four different lenses as I was comparing different lenses, etc.  I’m waiting on another camera and lens to compare.

The following was another image I made on the other side of the fence.

Global Heating: Adapt

There are massive changes with the continually increasing global heating of the earth.  For most there will be a lot of migrating and suffering as we deal with fires, floods, record hot spells, drought, plagues, rising sea levels, scarce food and water, and economic ruin.  It has started.  It is not some hypothetical occurrence that might happen in the far future.  

But, for some who recognize that it is here and that it will get worse, and that mankind is unlikely to make the changes necessary to stop it, they will find opportunities.  In my case I have dealt with change my whole life and I don’t fear it, it feeds me.  I would much rather be crafting the technological and cultural changes to reduce global heating and its impacts, if not stopping it; but, given my age and position, I can do nothing but adapt to the changes in my own life.

As far as my blogging and photographing goes, I will attempt to illustrate what is happening around me and take advantage of the changes as I see them.  It won’t be pretty or pleasant.  Some will claim it is depressing, but that is the way they deal with any changes and there is little I can do about that.  I will chose to accept it, and I will continue to try to understand it and write and show the facts as they are unfolding.  It will give me something to photograph or write about.

To Seed

The Asian dogwoods are going to seed …. blossoms are dying and red, raspberry like, seeds are turning ripe.

At the same time photography is dying back.  Manufacturers can’t produce or deliver new gear due to part delays and lack of shipping capabilities.  Photography bloggers are cutting way back on their posting.  Travel is still delayed for photographers due to covid.  And, in my case, I have a lack of suitable images for posting in my blog and getting older, I find it harder to go anywhere or to carry my heavier gear.

I used the older Leica X2 camera to make these images.  I like to see what I can make with the camera and the prime 35mm equivalent lens.  I might eventually just settle-down to using it more and more if I need to use my Pentax gear less and less. 


Out of desperation, and not finding much else to photograph, I tend to make images of the dying blooms, trees, etc.  In many ways, the stages of dying are more colorful and interesting than the perfect plants, and are more representative of the state of affairs here on earth.