Lindy Point

 I made these on the walk out to Lindy Point in Blackwater State Park in WVa.  I tried to show some different images than what you often see in advertisements for West Virginia.  Note the Blackwater River in the valley, the rattlesnake on the rocks out at the point, my brother, etc.

Blackwater Falls State Park Cabin 10

I am including these pictures since some people are interested in what the cabin was like that we stayed in at Blackwater Falls State Park in WVa.  They have a variety of cabins for two, four, or eight persons.  This was one of the older four person cabins with two bedrooms.  We usually stay in a four person cabin since the two person ones are quite small with essentially just one room with living area and bed.  All of the cabins have been recently renovated and now have wifi, TVs, new windows, air conditioning, new bathroom fixtures, etc.

Crop-Zooming Enhancement

Lightroom has a new enhancement feature to double the number of pixels along the width and height, resulting in enlarging my 26 MP pictures to 102MP.  I wanted to try it to see how far I could push the focal length of my Pentax 20-40mm lens with cropping.  

I thought that some of my pictures made in WVa would make good tests due to the amount of fine details in the images; therefore, I used some raw files made at 40mm focal length to test the LR enhancement feature.  I then cropped the enhanced image.

The upper images are the originals, and the ones below are the files which were cropped from the enhanced images.

After I tried the raw images I tried the same thing on a jpeg file that I made at home, with an additional enlargement.  I used the LR enlargement and then cropped out a section and then used ON1 to enlarge the cropped file up to 3000 x 3000 pixels.  The following shows the result.

I also tried the same technique on some images made at 135mm focal length with the 18-135mm lens and I didn’t like the result.  I think I will stick with using my Pentax limited lenses, the 40mm and the 20-40mm, and consider getting a longer limited focal length lens.

Back from WVa

We are back from Blackwater Falls State Park in West Virginia.  It will take me a while to decide what to do with my pictures but these are a couple from my iPhone SE.  This picture of the falls was early in the week.  By the end of the week the water was roaring since we had rain most days.