Personal Photography with the X100F?

I really like using the X100F with a wide-open aperture to reduce the DoF and soften the images a little.  Lately I have been trying other cameras and lenses and leaving the X100F in a drawer.  Today I decided I’m ready to go back to the X100F whenever I can make the focal length work for what I want to photograph.

In addition, I keep having thoughts of maximizing the use of my X100F and doing the majority of my personal photography with it.  I have also used it more and more often for my Homewood photography.  The thing that I have learned is that when I am out with only the X100F camera that I tend to only see things that I can photograph with an effective 35mm lens, and the more that I use only the X100F camera, the more that I think about doing all of my personal photography with it.  I might try only using it but having all of the other cameras sitting in my drawers seems like a waste.

The things I like best about the X100F are its simplicity, its ease of controllability, its image quality, and its size and weight.  The questions I keep coming back to are how close can I get and is it enough for my personal photography; i.e., can I give up long focal lengths and zoom lenses?  My love of small cameras and my arthritic hands tell me I better learn.

Checking the Mail


Remember when we use to write letters in cursive, then switched to typing them, and then switched to word processors?  Can the younger generations even write and read cursive anymore?  Now we use our thumbs and fingers to peck out letters on our phones and tablets.

The sad thing is that we just use systems like twitter to peck out a few overused phrases.  Many seem to have lost their ability to write well thought-out messages based on facts and logic.

Toned B&W Flower Images

Many of my local viewers don’t care much for my monochrome flower images, but I still make them since I like them, and mostly I like the challenge in making them.  I don’t just process them as color and then convert them to B&W.  My processing of this style of image requires that I do more in the processing to draw out certain features.

Seasons Celtic Entertainers

The Seasons Celtic Nu-Folk Music Group entertained us at Homewood at Plum Creek Monday evening.  They are good and play the kind of music I like so I went to listen rather than take pictures; but I had my Canon G7X Mk II camera in my pocket, so I tried it just for fun.  It has a one-inch sensor and I haven’t ever considered it good enough for taking pictures in the Omni Room.  It wasn’t as good as my Fujifilm cameras and lenses, but it surprised me in how well it performed so I thought I would show you the results.

I stored the raw files and then processed them in LR using the camera monochrome to make the version I’m showing above.  Another factor in their quality for me to consider is that I was sitting in the back row.  Even using the zoom lens of the camera, I had to crop to get the narrower images.  I’m now wondering how the jpeg files would have worked.  Maybe I’ll try them some time.

By the way, the following is the same as the first image but in color in case you wondered about the colors.