Switch Day


 Today is switch cameras day.  I have been using my Pentax K-3 with the zoom 18-135mm lens for several days now and it is time to switch.  This morning I got out my X-Pro 3 with the 35mm F2 prime lens to make this image.  I also switched processing and went back to the Classic Pro Neg film simulation for a while. 

Dithering is my Life


 I’m still dithering, switching back and forth with cameras and lenses and switching processing with both B&W and color trying to decide what the future will be.

Life would be so much easier if I knew what the future was going to look like.

Matter of Taste

Whether you prefer images like this in color or B&W is a matter of taste.  Your preferences can be developed by what you are used to seeing in the past as well as other things.  I have no idea why or what you like.  I even have a hard time deciding what I prefer.

There are several factors that cause me to go one way or the other, either color or B&W.  One factor is consistency.  If I am showing several pictures in one post I prefer them to be consistent, either of one color hue or all in B&W.  Obviously, it is easier for me to maintain consistency if I do all of them in B&W.

Another factor is that some images look best in color, and others don’t.  I think the above image works in either color or B&W.

Another factor that influences me is that I don’t know what to photograph and that I will photograph almost anything.  What attracts me to photograph something is often just the light and shadows.  By working in B&W I have better control over the processing and if I concentrate on light and shadows in B&W, it makes less of a difference as to what the actual object is.

De Facto Visual Journal

This is a picture that I made this morning of the birdbath in front of our Villa.  The water froze overnight and then this morning we had snow flurries, which you can see on the ice and stones.

The overnight temperatures got down to 26 degrees F.  Marcia went out to melt what we thought was a thin skim of ice after I made this image and we were surprised at how thick it was.

I prefer to rather continuously make images with any camera.  The question has always been, what do I do with them?  My solution was to show some of them on this blog.  As a result, this blog has become a de facto visual journal of what I see.  It has also become somewhat like a record of our environment as well as a journal about my photography, playing with gear, processing, etc.