Which Camera?

As I get ready for a busy holiday season of photography I’m also thinking about what I want to do afterwards in early next year.  I’m currently thinking about more B&W photography, but not exclusively, and doing it in cold, wet weather.  As I think about it, I have been playing around to see what I can do with my waterproof pocket Ricoh WG-60 camera.  I like the camera but it is limited in what it can do and I would like to try some longer exposure photography which is something I have never done.  Just the thought of needing to carry around a tripod has turned me off in the past, but as a minimum I would like a camera with decent image quality, good image stabilization for very slow shutter speeds, a zoom lens with wide and long enough reach, the ability to photograph in manual mode, smallish and light in weight, and that is weather resistant.

I could use my X-H1 camera with the 18-135mm lens, but it is on the large and heavy side, so I’m wondering if there isn’t a better compromise.  I would also like a pocket camera but that really limits my possibilities.  I could get another small camera like one of the Sony RX100 series but none of them meet all of my wishes and they aren’t very rugged or weather resistant.  That leaves me thinking about possibilities between the RX100s and the X-H1, as well as, will I do enough photography to warrant getting another camera?  Would an additional camera significantly increase my picture making opportunities?  Would I be more likely to carry another camera with me at all times, in all weather conditions and what camera would that be?  And the hardest question to answer, where would I go to find compositions?

Righteous Bursts of Color

Just wondering what I’ll photograph this winter.  There certainly won’t be this kind of color, but these made me think.  What is behind the battles with color vs. monochrome?  Why is it that we, as individuals, prefer one thing over another?

Why is it that some prefer Republicans over Democrats, believe one thing over another, think one religion is the correct one over another, and on and on?  We should spend more time thinking about it.  Is it just because of our past environment, the place we were born, the way we were taught (even if it was based on limited knowledge and outdated thinking)?  It is just that we believe what we heard from others who were also biased one way or the other and then we perpetuate an erroneous belief because we are ignorant.  We never take the time to think, gather the latest facts, and then make our own decisions.  For some reason, too many think that education stops at a young age and that all remains static after that, that nothing changes, not the climate, not scientific information, not cultures, etc.. 

Change the Time


Don’t forget to change the time on your cameras.  I was watching Fiona’s latest video this morning when I decided to run another experiment with using the tiny Ricoh WG-60 camera.  I was curious whether or not I could make the above image under that kind of lighting … just my laptop in a totally dark room very early this morning.  When I was examining the image I noticed the time stamp and remembered that I needed to change the time on my three cameras.

Fiona was in Iceland with some friends making a video using a drone.  I don’t remember ever seeing scenes of Iceland like these.  Take a look on her YouTube channel.

By the way, why do we still keep changing the time back and forth?  All of the original reasons for daylight savings time have been negated by changes in our technologies, energy consumption patterns, etc.  I expect that a new look at all of the facts for today’s environment would show that it is more harmful and expensive to keep changing back and forth.  But why should I expect anything different?  We don’t utilize science, reasoning, and an unbiased review of facts and the truth for anything else these days. 

Seeing Photography’s Future


Photography is the practice of seeing and recording.  It takes a keen eye to see in a way that others might not see.  That act requires more than good eyesight, a good pair of glasses, a camera, etc.  It requires something to be seen and an interest in others to see it.  What if those attributes no longer exist?  Will photography as we have come to know it continue?

Morning Frost

Ice on the bird bath out back.  We plugged in the heated one yesterday that is located in the front of the Villa. 

As you can see, it frosted last night.  I’m still working in “quick mode”.  I used my WG-60 and my favorite monochrome preset.  I might shift to this camera and mode of processing for most of my winter pictures.