An Issue Relative to Gear

I made these images in Mexico in 2008.  They were in-camera jpegs that I recently tweaked with Lightroom software on my computer.  These images and the ones in the previous post were made with a 6MP Canon Powershot S3 IS camera with a 12x optical zoom lens and a small 1/2.5 CCD sensor.  I sometimes wish I still had that older camera.  In good lighting conditions, those old small sensor cameras were pretty good.  It is a shame that they aren’t made anymore.  I would like to compare them with the latest micro 4/3 cameras and lenses.  I sometimes get the feeling that the micro 4/3 cameras aren’t as good.

But, which camera to use for wildlife images isn’t the leading issue.  The main issue is there isn’t much wildlife close at hand to be photographed, and I won’t be traveling to places where they are.  I really can’t come up with a good reason for having long focal length zoom lenses anymore.

 Costa Rican Wildlife

We traveled to Costa Rica in April of 2007 where I captured these images with a small sensor camera and then reworked them recently to make these images.

I have been reviewing older images and cameras as I consider possibly concentrating more on local wildlife this year close to home.  I still haven’t decided, but I’m getting closer to picking my emphases for this year for my photography and camera(s).

 Red-shouldered Hawks

Don’t forget to click on one of the images to view them in a larger size.

I think these are Red-shouldered hawks.  When I was walking yesterday along Plum Creek and looking at the ground for patches of ice, the lower hawk let me know that I was close enough.  I looked up and saw that there were two in the tree in front of me so I took their portraits.

Smaller, Lighter Gear

220122-074103-JEH22I like pictures made with a micro 4/3 sensor, but it will take time to see how long I use it this time.  My continued use of it depends on what I find to photograph other than for testing and practicing purposes.

I continue to think that I should go back to either Pentax or Fujifilm cameras with larger sensors and better image quality, but the more I use this smaller micro 4/3 gear the more I appreciate it, especially when walking and carrying it.

Using micro 4/3 gear brings back many happy travel memories.  When I traveled I used micro 4/3  or smaller sensors.  All of my printed pictures on my walls were made with micro 4/3 or smaller sensors.

As my needs for faster lower light cameras increased with my photography of events here at Homewood I left micro 4/3 behind and used many different cameras, mostly Fuji cameras.  

Since I have gotten older and my photography of events has stopped, I have returned to micro 4/3 gear to match my declining opportunities for photography.

Really Cold this Morning

I’m in the process of seeing how much I can use my Olympus E-M5 III for my photography.  I’ll let my other cameras rest for a while as I photograph with only micro 4/3 gear.  It was only 7 degrees F. early this morning so I made these through the window from inside.

Mallards on the Ice

I made this while walking with the small pocket size Ricoh GR III camera, and then cropping and upsizing it while I was working on convincing myself that I don’t need long heavy zoom lenses.

Making images like this one is what keeps me wanting to “just make images” rather than doing anything else.  Making images like this one is why I have trouble deciding to write a family book rather than just making pictures and publishing them on my website.  In addition, carrying a camera keeps me out walking rather than sitting behind a computer.


 My concern is whether or not to continue with my posts of what I see … mostly weather reports.  I’m afraid that recording these types of images and concentrating on cameras, styles, and following the photography industry happenings will take my time, etc. away from concentrating on books.

Practicing, Uncertainties, & Maybes

We have what might be buds on an indoor Gardenia Plant so I used them to see what I might be able to do with the X100F this spring and summer outdoors when life returns to the flowers.

I have also been continuing with my thoughts of just using one or both of my small cameras, the Ricoh GR III and/or the Fuji X100F that I used to make the following images.

My major problem is deciding on a theme or purpose or reason for my photography and blogging; i.e., photographing intentionally.  Until I do that, my images posted in this blog will decrease to fewer and fewer images and posts.  It is similar to the saying “if you don’t know where you are going you will never get there”.  

I’m still also considering writing a book about my life and including some older pictures of family and places we have traveled rather than trying to continue with photography and blogging as a hobby.

And, I’m also thinking of a compromise.  Maybe own just one camera that I really like with a few lenses that are suitable for making more family/life style pictures, etc. for a few books.