My Hope


My hope is to use the Pentax KP as much as I can.  Those who have been following me for a long period know that I have had problems with the weight of previous Pentax cameras.  With the colder weather coming, my issues with my hands, knees, and back will get more severe and I may have to not use the KP as often as I would like.  If that happens I will carry it less often, photograph less often, and occasionally use my Olympus TG-6 or my Fuji X-Pro3 cameras.

So far, I only have the one lens for the KP.  That is the 18-135mm zoom lens.  I’m considering getting another lens or two but I haven’t decided which ones yet.  I used them to capture the above image this morning when it was only 46 degrees F.  I wanted to start a possible series before the tropical rains come later tonight.

I will keep the X-Pro3 to use with prime lenses.  My only concern with the KP is using it indoors close to people.  I have never used a Pentax DSLR at an indoor event except for two when the audience noise levels were high.  Initially I am planning to use the KP outdoors for nature photography especially when the weather is wet, and the X-Pro3 when I’m around people and I need to be more discreet.  I haven’t been doing indoor photography among the residents since the beginning of Covid, but if I am able to return to that I will probably use the X-Pro3 camera.

Back to a Pentax DSLR

I decided to go back to using a Pentax DSLR camera for my outdoor photography this fall and winter.  I used a Pentax KP with a Pentax 18-135mm zoom lens to capture these images.  The camera-lens combination is heavy, but it is also very weather resistant and sturdy and it has a nice tilt LCD.  I’m also enjoying using the optical viewfinder.  And, notice that it has lovely colors.

Reviewing Older Images

Prior to 2017 I mostly used longer zoom lenses and made a lot of images that I can’t make now since I no longer have a long focal length zoom lens.  I made the above images with a Pentax DSLR camera and a zoom lens that reached out to an effective 450mm many years ago.  In many ways, those were the good old days when there were more birds and insects and other wildlife to photograph.

Long ago I made the following images with a different Pentax DSLR and the shorter 18-55mm zoom lens.


220924-154051-JEH22 I am currently experimenting with different cameras, lenses, and processing with a thought to what I will most likely be photographing.

I used the Fuji X-Pro3 camera with the Tamron 18-300mm zoom lens to capture this image.  I liked the Tamron long zoom lens for the range of focal lengths, but didn’t like it for other reasons.  The combination of my eyes, the camera EVF, and the apertures of the lens made it very difficult to see due to the lack of dynamic range and darkness of the lens.  I had trouble focusing on objects in the dark areas of an image.  Even though the images were hard to see in the EVF, the images worked up nicely once I got them into Lightroom.  I didn’t keep the Tamron lens.


220922-101041-untitled shootI’m stuck at the point of deciding why I want to continue with photography and blogging, so I’m taking a step back.  What is it that I’m trying to do?  What is the reason I make pictures to display on my blog?  What other things will I be doing in the future?

I have no way to make decisions on which camera and which lenses to own and use and how to process my images if I don’t have a purpose and outlet for my images, which is now my blog.  I used the Olympus TG-6 to make this picture.

Green Heron

Today’s early morning image before the sun broke out.  I was using the Fuji 23mm F2 lens as I am trying to decide whether I prefer working with it or the 35mm F2 lens as a one and only lens most of the time.  It was good enough that after I downloaded it on my computer and cropped it quite a bit, I could see that the bird was a green heron.

Effective 35mm Lens

220921-093014-JEH22I decided that I liked the colors in the previous evening pictures and decided to extend my exploring using the 23mm F2 lens with the X-Pro3 and Classic Neg film simulation with no additional personal processing of the file.  I took this image to see how close I could autofocus at F2.

I am not feeling great today so I might do some more checking around the house.  I have often seen people taking similar pictures of their watch to check close focusing, sharpness, etc. but since I no longer have a watch I made this version.

I would like to compare this lens and image to one made with the Fuji X100V, but I replaced my previous X100V with the X-Pro3 to have a more versatile system.  Now, in hindsight, I think I should have just kept the X100V and only made images with it.  It would have been simpler, lighter, and cheaper.  I also miss the X100V LCD.

I’ll use the 23mm lens for awhile and consider dropping back to only a X100V for a one and only camera whenever they become more available.  I am finding that I could probably manage with just an effective 35mm lens since my travel photography and Homewood photography effectively died with the beginning of Covid and the passing of a new PA law relative to photographing seniors living in care facilities.  The decrease of wildlife on Homewood also removed my need for longer zoom lenses.

Darker, Cooler, Sooner

The evenings get darker and cooler so we need to take our evening walks sooner.  Last evening I thought that it was time to give the Fuji XF 23mm F2 lens some exercise.  I would use this lens more if I was just photographing landscapes rather than details.

No Current Need

220918-104001-JEH22I currently no longer have a need for the canes.  That is good, but it is probably because I haven’t been walking as much.  That is bad.  One of the reasons for not walking as much is that I am tired of walking the same paths, day after day, year after year.  I’m not getting rid of these canes since I expect the need for them will come back, but I will probably get rid of many of my other canes.

The same reasoning applies to my photography gear.  I really have no need for it.  I’m tired of photographing the same things, day after day, year after year.  That is really bad.   It creates an emptiness in me.  For now, I will keep my camera and lenses but get rid of other excess straps, bags, etc. while I search for other means to extend my photography.

I’m thinking about and working on how to simplify, minimize, and get rid of other things that no longer have meaning for me.