Ground Level

Trying a different approach yesterday morning, I got down at ground level to look from another perspective.  I was just looking for bits of light and color.  If I decide that this is worthwhile, the worst aspect of it will be getting down on the ground and trying to see what the camera sees.  For this trial I used the TG-5 in macro mode and that meant that I had to use the LCD to compose the image.  The combination of sunlight and the angle and the foliage in the way made it difficult.  If I want to do much of this I should probably order a macro lens for my micro 4/3 cameras since they have articulating LCDs.

I can hear it now.  Someone is going to call the nurses and report a man down on the ground.  Seriously, that could be a problem around here and result in unneeded emergency response from the nursing staff.

Later in the afternoon, I took a walk and found some crocuses that were opened, but I just bent over to make these images.  I didn’t lay down on the ground.

Less might be Less

Those who have been observant will have noticed that I have been trying to avoid publishing pictures of identifiable people for at least the last 12 months, with a few exceptions.  Due to privacy and other conventions, and reasons, I am going to tighten up my standards a little more for future posts.  This is in line with the evolving conventions around the world for photography.

My goal is to only publish pictures from public property and semi-public areas where there are no restrictions and/or to only publish pictures that are independent of location and/or identity.  In most cases, other than out in public and/or non-restricted places, this means that my pictures will be mostly snippets of color, tones, textures, small things, etc.  This is not a drastic change from what I have been doing, but a little change when it comes to landscape shots around Homewood, etc.

My biggest problem is what to photograph.  Mostly it will be similar, if not the same, to what I have been photographing except for one thing.  I am getting tired of photographing the same things, so I hope to experiment a little more and find other things.  Hopefully it will not be less and less pictures, but it might come down to that.

I will be continuing to photograph events and activities here at Homewood at Plum Creek as needed, and giving them to the staff for internal publications, etc. as they desire.  They have all rights to the use of those pictures, the same as before.

By the way, the images in this post are some images I was experimenting on.  A couple more are below.

Left Behind

I am still looking for a theme for continuing to make pictures of the surrounding area for a possible book.  My thoughts when looking at these older images were about Hanover having been left behind.  I might see if that theme works for expanding out to the surrounding areas.

One thing I discovered when looking back through my older images was that I had used a lot of longer focal length lenses with various camera systems and that I generated a lot of detail or close-up views.  I don’t think I will continue using the longer lenses.  I never found a theme when looking that way and I now think a stronger, or at least different, theme might exist within the larger overall views when using normal to wider prime lenses.

I still am conflicted about a processing style, but that will depend upon the general emotion that I feel from my images if I make a book.  The style of the above images is a little different then I have used before in that it is a higher contrast color style.  I may use it, or I might switch to a B&W style depending upon which best supports the way I view the underlying theme.  Old-time B&W images look more like it used to be but doing them in color might make a better point that it is like this today.


It has been cold and windy with little sun, for too many days.  Those are all conditions that I don’t find conducive for going out to make pictures; but, make pictures I must.  I put this white tulip under a light inside our home and made the above images just to keep practicing.  What else am I going to do?

Did you notice that I used different cameras and settings to make these images?  I am still exploring how and when to use different cameras and lenses when I go out to capture flowers if the weather ever warms up.  At the moment it is snowing.

Around the Corner


I want to get back to making pictures of Hanover and the surrounding area when the weather gets warmer; but, I haven’t decided upon a theme(s).  I would like to present a story of Hanover, but I’m not sure what that is.  I don’t really want to just wander around photographing whatever I see.  If I do another series of Hanover pictures I would like to go looking for, and photograph, images that tell a story.

All of my life I have been future oriented; but, most images of Hanover are past oriented.  People prefer to remember how it was.  Businesses try to upgrade and preserve their products.  Homeowners, at least some of them, restore their homes and outbuildings to look like they once did.  I am more concerned about what it will be like in the future; but I am not sure as to how to use today’s pictures to express those concerns.

Is the future one of more decay and empty buildings and fewer jobs, or is it continual repairs and striving to maintain the past?  Or is it something else?  I am open to ideas.