Still Snowing at 11:15


It is still snowing, and the flakes are getting bigger.  I wonder if it will be more than was forecasted.  The temperature has dropped below what they said.  It is now 28 degrees F.  I wonder what this winter will be like.  Oh well, I’ll just continue to take pictures through the window.

It’s the Lens


Early in the morning when it wasn’t very light, I took the X-E3 with the 27mm lens with me when I walked Misty.  I then used it to make some pictures of the first light on the clouds on the horizon.  The problem was the pictures weren’t so nice since I had screwed up the camera.  It was dark enough that I needed to adjust the exposure, so I turned the wheel to the “C” setting and used the front control dial to turn it down.  The problem is that I forgot that with this lens I also use that dial to change the aperture and while I assumed that the camera was still in program mode, it wasn’t since I had changed into aperture mode while attempting to change the exposure (I didn’t push the control dial in).  As a result, the aperture setting was wrong and that caused the camera to attempt to compensate by setting the ISO at 12800.  I should have noticed the values being used but I didn’t look since I was mainly watching Misty and I had just taken a few quick pictures.

I had planned to use the X-E3 plus the 27mm lens for a walk-about setup for quick opportunistic pictures.  I am now rethinking that decision.  The lens is fine optically, but it is different from all of my other prime lenses in that it doesn’t have the aperture ring on the lens.

If I use the X-E3 but a different lens like the 23mm F2 or the 35mm F2, I lose the short form factor that I like, especially in the winter when I need to carry the camera on a strap around my neck under my jacket, or in a jacket pocket.  Rather than use the 23mm or 35mm lens on the X-E3 I would be better off using those WR lenses on the WR X-T2 camera but given that it would weigh more and be bigger, I think I will revisit my decision to not buy anything new and go ahead and get a pocket camera.  If I did that, I could still use the X-E3 to back up the X-T2 and for when I need two cameras for event photography.

Tree in Square

I was driving through the square this morning in a light rain and noticed that they are putting up the Christmas Tree.  By the way, I used the TG-5 to “grab” these images. I photographed through the windshield as I was moving through the square.  Assuming I wish to keep making such “record” pictures, I think this is a good example of why I should keep the camera.

I even like them in toned monochrome.

Nice Weekend


I photographed a wedding over the weekend for a family.  I wouldn’t normally photograph a wedding but since they didn’t want prints or anything else other than a copy of the images on a thumb drive, I did it.  It was my first time for such an event.  It kept me busy for a while and after today I hope to get out and start looking for some other pictures.  I need to find some new projects to get me through the winter that aren’t private and are suitable for generating images for this blog.

Changing Times


With the changing weather and other changing conditions as I get older, I find that I’m constantly changing my thinking about my photography.  I used to worry about the weight of my cameras and lenses, but less now that I’m not carrying them for long distances.  I used to put a lot of emphasis on the rangefinder style look of cameras just because it appealed to me, but less now.  Now I’m more interested in simplifying and shrinking the number of the cameras and lenses I own to a minimal level for what I photograph and thinking more about making purposeful images.

Along with my changing thoughts about my gear, I am also learning what I would like to do with my photography.  One of the things I would like to change is to make more stories with my pictures about people and put less emphasis on making pretty images that others like for daily use on my blog.

The above thoughts go hand in hand with my interests changing from always carrying a camera and looking for whatever I see, to photographing purposefully; i.e. with intent to photograph a particular subject or event, and thus not needing a small pocket camera with me at all times.  My changes will also likely cause me to put less emphasis on frequent blog posts and put more effort into Homewood events, books, etc. where I don’t have to be as concerned about privacy issues relative to showing people on my blog; although I am thinking about other projects without people like I have hinted with my previous night time test articles.

The above changes are causing me to think about some camera changes such as maybe selling or giving away the TG-5 and maybe replacing the X-E3 with an X100F, or X-Pro2, or X-T2, or an X-T3 camera.  These changes would mean I would only own two Fujifilm cameras plus lenses, and if I get the X-T2 or X-T3 it would mean that I would be photographing everything with cameras which have identical controls; but I still like the idea and challenge of using a Fujifilm X100F for a lot of my personal photography.

The main issue of using an X100F with the X-T2 for all of my photography is how would I handle some of my Homewood photography.  For some events I have been using the 18-55mm and the 55-200mm zoom lenses on two cameras and quickly skipping back and forth between cameras.  For those cases, I need to decide whether it would be possible to use the X100F with its 23mm lens along with the X-T2 with the 55-200mm zoom lens for switching back and forth.

Then there is the most practical option to just use my X-E3 and the X-T2 and not replace any of my cameras.  In the end, my decision will be based on the solution which enables me to simplify while making the maximum number of images that I like.