Evolving While Aging


My photography will be slower, not as frequent going forward, at least until spring.  I haven’t figured out what I can do differently.  Since I haven’t found anything new to photograph, I will most likely continue photographing a range of subjects and changing the styles based on whatever I see.  These will mostly be common everyday sights around me as I don’t travel much, if any, anymore.

One thing that is almost certain; I won’t be changing cameras as often due to the cost.  I intend to use what I have and try to get better at using them.  While it is not easy for me to find new things to photograph, I will try to find unique views of the everyday common scenes around me.  My intent is to make my views of them available to others who couldn’t, or didn’t, see them as I did.

It is inevitable that eventually my photography will slow down, i.e. be less frequent, and even slowly change.  This is a natural occurrence as I run out of ideas about how to photograph the same everyday things, and the scope of what I photograph will collapse in range as I age.

As I have mentioned before, I would like to work with some of my existing photographs and create some photo books.  As I do that, I am not sure about my blogging.  In general, it seems that the age of personal blogs is slowly declining and I’m not sure that there is much reason or interest for me to continue forever.  I will work on some books and then see how my blogging evolves.  I have gotten in the habit of taking pictures and displaying them frequently, so I will likely continue, at least for a while longer.


170114-171016-17jehThe mornings are cold and when I open the front door, the storm door fogs over instantly.  For those who are new to this blog, you will notice that I don’t use my main camera, the Fuji X-Pro2 outside much in the winter.  The problem isn’t the camera.  It is me.  I have a situation with my right hand that can’t handle cold while gripping anything.  The hand gets cold, the circulation of blood diminishes in two fingers and they turn white, hurt, and shrivel up.  I have tried many different cameras, light to heavy, with and without nice comfortable grips, etc., and all manner of gloves and mittens; nothing works for me.

I will deliver the last of my work to Homewood at Plum Creek this morning:  book, pdf of the book, slideshow, and all the pictures in both.  I am now going to work on another photo book containing some of the pictures I made when traveling around Tunisia.

Hopefully spring will arrive this year and bring with it lots of flowers, etc. along with warm weather and I can return to walking with my camera.

Winter Mornings

I’m still working on finishing up my projects from last year, but I’m also trying to continue taking a few daily pictures of common everyday views of mine, especially early in the mornings.  I’m not sure how this will end up but I’m considering a book of pictures like the above … made with a small sensor P&S camera.

I am partially driven by this idea of mine to show that needing to own an expensive larger sensor camera is not necessary (under most situations) if you wish to make pictures.  But, you do need photo software of some type to finish them off.  The above are all jpeg images (another act of rebellion against the necessity of raw images) made with a Sony HX80 camera that have been tweaked using Adobe Lightroom.

I’ll be Back


As you should have noticed I haven’t had many good pictures for some time now.  What you have been seeing have been my playing around with pocket cameras, images of whatever I saw from inside my car, house, etc.  I think I will stop doing that unless someone convinces me otherwise.  No, I will probably not stop with playing around with pocket cameras, but I am going to stop displaying the results, at least for a while.

My intentions are to not post until I get back to making interesting images.  Don’t worry if there are significant gaps between posts and pictures.  I have considered totally stopping this blog.  I also considered just going dark and not saying anything until I figured out some changes and made something worth displaying, from my viewpoint; but, after looking back through my pictures in 2016 and a way back into 2015, I knew that I wasn’t going to stop making and displaying pictures if I physically can.

In the interim I am concentrating on finishing up a slideshow and several picture books I have in mind.  I will be back to making pictures when I see interesting things.

Not Happy


Misty is not happy or feeling very good.  A few days ago, she was running, let out a yip, and fell over.  After another trip to see the vet, we learned that she tore her ACL in her left rear leg.  She is now on pain medicine and resting more than she likes … and for a lot longer than she likes (six weeks to two months).

On top of that, there is snow on the ground and it was only 18 degrees F. when I took this picture, and she must go out to potty on three legs.

It is even colder this morning.  It is 8 degrees F as I am posting this.  She is really going to be unhappy when she gets up.