Seeds of Hope

I would like to make some pictures of flowers but given the time of the year I had to satisfy myself with making these.  They are dried grass seeds in an indoor arrangement.  I used a Panasonic G7 with the 30mm macro lens to make them.  I’m looking forward to using this setup this spring.

Ever since I made lots of pictures last November and December, I have been having a lot of trouble with arthritis in my hands.  With my thumbs, it was bad enough that I started searching for photography options that would put less of a load on my thumbs.  I rapidly found out that zoom lenses greater than three inches in diameter were a problem and that I needed to find smaller prime lenses and other things & ways to photograph.  These findings led me to think harder about macro photography.

I first tried an approach with a used Leica X-Vario camera.  You can read about what I learned in a previous post.  I then considered my Fujifilm cameras and possibly getting the 80mm macro lens, but it is too large and heavy.  Having had many micro 4/3 cameras and lenses in the past, I started wondering about them again.  That led me to acquire a used Panasonic G7 and a new 30mm F2.8 macro lens.

I have found that the Panasonic Lumix G7 camera to be ideal from the weight, size, and hand grip perspective.  It is ideal for my hand situation as long as I don’t put a heavy lens on it.  With the 30mm lens (effective 60mm) it makes an ideal combination and I have been using it extensively in the last few days, as you should have noticed in my recent posts.  Another advantage of the G7 is the articulated LCD.

In my recent session photographing quilts I got down low too many times (just a couple).  With the hardware in my back, I ended up bending too far and paid the price for a few days, so I don’t want to do that again while out trying to get low for macro images.  I’ll need to make good use of the articulated LCD to minimize my bending.

The bottom line is that I have become obsessed with using the G7 with the 30mm macro lens … one camera one lens (at least at a time).  Using this combination also fits in with my enjoyment of using an older & smaller, so called lessor camera and lens, to make images for my blog when the weather warms up.


Some of the grounds crew arriving for work before the snow started about 20 minutes later.

For those who are wondering, I’m playing with an idea for making some B&W magazine type publications if a story develops.  I’m using a single Panasonic 30mm F2.8 macro lens to see if I can come up with a process that works for such a publication.

No Ideas

I would like to use my X100F camera more to make either Classic Chrome or Acros images, but I don’t have anything worth photographing.  I have no new ideas.  Between my arthritis, the weather, the dog, etc. I just don’t go anywhere different.

I have been using my time to try some different approaches for macro or up-close images as I consider photographing flowers this spring.  I have tried different cameras and lenses, etc. but I haven’t come up with anything better or easier to use, that is reasonable in cost, so I will probably use what I have.

I am probably going to do most of my personal photography with my smaller and easier to use cameras for at least a while.  Yesterday morning I used my Canon G7X Mk II to grab the following picture prior to sunrise by making this image from my computer chair.