Olympus Colors


I like the colors of Olympus pictures better than the colors of Fujifilm cameras.  The Fujifilm colors tend to be bluer and cooler and darker while the Olympus colors tend to be brighter and warmer.  I have tried to tweak the in-camera controls of the Fujifilm to match the Olympus colors and while I can get them closer, I have not been able to match the Olympus colors across a wide range of colors.

I have both Olympus and Fujifilm camera systems and while there are many differences in size, weight, dynamic range, controls, etc., I am currently focusing upon the colors as I decide whether to sell one system.  It is a difficult decision since I am an engineer by training, education, etc. and the camera features are not easily quantifiable in a way for making a rational decision of the merits of one vs. the other.

Whether I sell one or not seems to be coming down to a non-rational gut decision and I’m wondering whether to make the decision based on feelings rather than technical differences.  The question is, how much emphasis should I give to colors?

The Color Orange

I walked with the OM-D E-M1 with the 14-150mm lens and looked for the color orange.  These are a few examples of what I found.  My purpose was to continue my learning about how to best use the E-M1 along with the new LR Classic upgrade.  So far, I’m liking everything I find.

One question I am asking myself is “Would I have made these pictures if I wasn’t testing or learning?”  Will I continue making and posting similar images?  It depends.  If I decide to continue using this blog as sort of a visual diary of what I see, the answer is yes, but probably not as many of them.

Likely Changes


I will be making some changes in my photography.  I’m looking for a new project for the winter, but don’t have one yet.  In addition, I might be increasing the amount of photography of Homewood activities.  The combination of less testing of new cameras and lenses, less walking with a camera in poor weather, and more emphasis on Homewood photography will mean that I have fewer pictures to display in my blog; therefore, I will have less frequent posts.

I am also considering some changes in my cameras and lenses.  I have a used Olympus OM-D E-M1 camera coming to check out.  If it is in good shape, I might switch to all micro 4/3 gear.  That would mean selling my Fujifilm X-T2 and all of the lenses for it.  My reason for these changes is to reduce the weight, amount, and size of my gear and to get closer to working with only one system.



We had frost this morning, the first for this fall.

I took a look at the US Forest Service camera this morning.  While the leaves are down, and there is fog lying in the Canaan valley in WV, it looks like there is snow on the distant ridges (right-hand side) of Dolly Sods.  The picture was made at 7:40am this morning.



Wide Views around Homewood at Plum Creek

I don’t make many pictures around here with an effective 24mm focal length lens, but yesterday I wanted to review some of the features of my Panasonic 12-35mm F2.8 lens so I walked with it and only made pictures at the wide end of the lens.  I bought the lens so that I can make wider indoor images while photographing events, tours, etc.  I never even considered it for landscapes.  I might use it more often for landscapes, but I will likely crop them into 16×9 or 1×2 formats.  I didn’t crop these since I wanted to get a full view of the possibilities.


What can I say other than that I am addicted.  I’m addicted to making pictures.  Even when I have nothing to photograph, nowhere to go to find something new, I still pick up a camera and walk around the yard or house looking for anything to use.  I will even snap an old dying flower or leaf just to have something, anything, to work with on my computer.  Sometimes I end up with something I like.  Other times I just trash the results and no one else sees them.

I am pretty sure that even these kinds of images will run out.  What will I do then?  Will I find something else?  Time will tell.