Too Cold, Too Windy


Considering that I don’t find much to photograph this time of year, I will most likely be posting less frequently; but it depends.  Like I have mentioned in other posts, I still hope to look for things and ways to photograph.  I hope to continue my daily efforts to keep practicing my photography and to work on some ideas for the future.

I am also putting my previous ideas about returning to the streets of Hanover on hold, at least until the weather improves a lot, and maybe indefinitely depending on some other ideas.  It got down to 7 degrees F. this morning which in itself isn’t too bad, but it is very windy.

Since the longer-range weather forecast is looking like we might have an extended period of colder and stormier weather than normal up until what might be a late spring, it could mean that I will have to postpone my thoughts about my outdoor photography and drag out my thoughts and experiments for another couple of months.



Hanover Market with the X100F


It has been a while since I made pictures in the market on a Saturday morning.  The only difference with these images is that I used the X100F and published them just as the raw files were presented in Adobe color using LR.  I made no changes to the files except to reduce their size for publication here.  I didn’t change them to Classic Chrome, or any other film preset, nor did I use auto tone.  These are just the plain LR rendering of the raw files without my intervention.

I have mostly avoided this kind of photography on my blog since it is too close to what I do for my Homewood photography and I like to “play with the processing” and do something different for my other photography.  The continuous question, or indecision, is can I, or should I, try to go out and about Hanover and “record” what I see?  This hasn’t been what I have thought of as fun photography, but I did get started in photography by doing this for locations where I traveled; i.e. typical travel photography many years ago.

I used the Fujifilm X100F to make these images and no one seemed to mind.  In the past I was once confronted, or accosted, when I tried to make similar images with a DSLR.  One of the vendors stopped me, not in a polite way, and accused me of making commercial pictures and wanted to know who I was working for.

Capabilities in Search of Opportunities

It doesn’t take a great camera, in fact almost any camera will do.  I have been using the Canon G7X II and playing with it to identify the techniques that enable me to make images that I would like to make.  I would like to make images like those above; i.e. up close and in B&W.  My problem isn’t having no camera nor is it knowing how to use it, nor knowing what I like.  The problem is, what do I photograph to make images in this style with this camera?

Out of Focus


I have dry eyes which are just another downside of growing older.  To combat my dry eye problem, I am using prescription eye drops several times a day.  As a photographer, this creates problems for me.  The particular drops I use give me blurred vision for a while afterwards, so I try to not use my cameras during that period, but if I’m not taking pictures, I’m usually on my computer trying to catch up with the photographical news, looking at other’s pictures, processing pictures, etc.  The problem is  I’m continually blinking and squinting my eyes trying to see the screen better when I use the eyedrops.

I was looking at another photographer’s pictures that had been deliberately made out of focus when I thought: I would be making a lot of those if not for the camera’s automatic focusing capability.  I then thought I would take a picture out of focus so as to match how I sometimes see the world and that led to the above image.  Thinking that technique could be of use some days I then made the following images using the manual focus distance to turn some common scenes into abstract images.

These images are easy to make.  I just switched to manual focusing and then pulled the focus point in closer to the camera various amounts depending upon the degree of out-of-focus that I wanted.



I didn’t make any new pictures yesterday so I decided that I would try some new things with a picture I took last week while photographing through some grasses.  I’m not sure why, but I ended up liking this version.

I have also been thinking about what gear I would use if I didn’t have the needs of photographing inside Homewood; i.e., just for my personal playing around with photography.  While I keep changing my mind about which ones, I tend to think in terms of one camera and one lens … a used Olympus E-M5 II camera and the Olympus 14-150mm lens, the Fujifilm X100F camera or even just the Canon G7X II camera or maybe the Leica CL with the 18mm lens, or anything else that’s not too big depending on the mood I’m in.