Comfort Zones

We all have what I call comfort zones.  They are usually someplace we like to be, or something we like to do, or something we like to believe in.  They are areas that we retreat to when confronted by what we don’t like or at least find uncomfortable.

The above images represent some of my comfort zones.  Physically I often have pain standing or walking and those are times when I retreat to my lounge or computer chairs.  I also find that making pictures takes my mind off of other things that I find to be uncomfortable to deal with.  And the above processing style is something that I have grown to be quite comfortable with and prefer.

It would be nice if we could always spend our time within our comfort zones, but that isn’t always possible.  In my case I need to go out to find suitable compositions to photograph.  To make photographs has come to be my favorite thing to do these days.  What else is there?

For lack of new and different things to photograph, I need to go somewhere and the closest area for me to go photograph, other than here at Homewood at Plum Creek, is to Hanover Borough.  I had planned to do that yesterday since it finally warmed up, but I didn’t go.  My back was giving me a lot of trouble and something else was bothering me.  I have taken many pictures over the last 5 years around Hanover, but I have never made any that really enthused me.  Last evening, I think I figured out one of the reasons why.

In the past I have mostly photographed in the middle of the day and I never found the kinds of light I like.  I prefer shadows, steaks of light, lots of dark areas, etc.  It turns out that the middle of the day is the most comfortable time of the day for me to go to town to make pictures.  It is looking like I need to extend the boundaries of my comfort zones and figure out how and when to go out looking for images when the light is better.

X100F in the Dark of Night


It was quite dark, and I was curious as to how the X100F would perform if I tried to capture the lights and glow on the clouds.  I was pleasantly surprised to watch it quickly focus.  This is a Classic Chrome jpeg at ISO 6400, f/5.6, 1/13 sec that was taken handheld with the exposure dialed back to around -4.

This is just one of a series of experiments I have been making to establish the limits on my use of the Fujifilm X100F.  I found this to be of enough significance to share since it isn’t a use that I would expect.



Images like the one above that I recorded this morning are deceptive.  They make for “feel-good” images but are dishonest in a way.  This image only existed for a few minutes and to post it as representative of anything is wrong.

While we ooh and ahh over it, we aren’t thinking about reality.  I find the current state of affairs in so many things to be wrong and extremely depressing.  For example, while you aren’t thinking about it, global mean sea levels are rising at a faster rate.  You might want to start thinking and doing something about it.  It will affect more than the value of ocean front property.

In addition, we just reached a record low in the amount of global sea ice.  This is just another indicator of the major effects of global warming.  At the same time, the damage costs of the storms in the Atlantic in 2017 were the highest ever.  This will only get worse as the sea level rises.  More and more of our financial resources will be absorbed in rebuilding which draws funds away from everything else.

At the same time, Congress’s decrease in our taxes will just add to the national debt.  This will, in conjunction with increased needs for funds, just make the day of eventual collapse of our economy even greater.

Sorry, but it is a depressing world we live in, especially with an administration that doesn’t seem to believe in science and is doing everything they can to make the eventual impact on our citizens even greater … well, at least for 99% of us.

Contemplative Photography with the TG-5

I like playing with cameras and processing but live in a less than rich environment for finding images since I don’t travel anymore.  These factors have led me to various schemes or excuses for making pictures.  In past years I tried a lot of lenses and cameras while trying to photograph the same things differently.

Now that I have come close to stopping the practice of trying different gear I have been evolving to using the cameras and lenses I have while I try to use them differently.  Many years ago, I came across the idea of contemplative photography.  If you check out this web site, you will see a good definition of it as well as lots of examples.  The pictures keep changing and will be different over time when you check back again.

I made the above images this morning with my Olympus TG-5.  It isn’t my best camera, but it is ideal for carrying in my pocket to make these kinds of images when something catches my eye.


It was lonesome, dark, dreary, and sprinkling when I decided to take a short walk this morning even though my back was hurting.  I didn’t see anyone else out walking, but it was an ideal time to exercise the Olympus TG-5 camera.  I bought it primarily for times like this since it is weather proof and fits in a pocket.  I also bought it to mostly make B&W images since conditions like today beg to be in B&W.  After I make images like these I think even more about using it more often.  I even sometimes think that I could make-do with just this camera for my personal images; well, at least until I start thinking about F2 images of flowers etc. this summer.

Walk with the X100F

I took a walk yesterday when the temperature was in the 60s.  The sky was flat and there wasn’t much of interest to photograph but I did make these just to keep in practice.  It rained all night and looks like it will rain most of today.  My back is hurting after yesterday’s walk so I’ll not walk much today.  I might try to make a few images around the Villa with the TG-5.