As Snow Retreats

As the snow melts, it uncovers the first spring bulbs coming through the mulch.

I am still playing with multiple cameras as I decide what to use this summer.  I made the first image with the old Pentax K-3 and the 18-135mm lens.  The second image was made with the Ricoh GRIII.  That image is fine but it was almost impossible to make since the sun was glaring off of the LCD and I had to get down close on my knees.  

I made another image using the Fuji X-Pro 3 and the 35mm lens but I liked the Pentax and Ricoh images better.  It is a reoccurring theme with me.  I prefer the Fuji cameras, until I compare the Fuji colors with the Pentax and Ricoh colors, etc.  Even though I don’t like the weight of the K-3 with the 18-135mm lens I find that it is the easiest camera to use outdoors.

Monday’s Snow

 Monday morning we needed to go to the other side of Hanover.  As we left it started snowing again.

The first picture was made while we were stopped at a light at the square.  The other two images were made at Hillside.

I didn’t make any pictures on the way home since it was snowing hard and it was getting deep which made for a more exciting drive.  By the time we got back to Homewood I couldn’t see the curbs due to the depth of the snow.

It reminded me of driving in the snow in West Virginia, and brought back good memories of four wheeling in the mountains in the winter.

Ricoh or Fuji

I made the above images yesterday morning with the GR III.  It is a very nice pocket camera with an effective 28mm lens.  The macro capability along with my crop-zooming and up-sizing gives me a wide range of opportunities for composing even without a zoom lens.

The first two images were made with macro setting.  The one of Misty’s prints was normal and the one of the contractors cleaning up the snow is a small crop of the original image.  Those machines are a good ways down the street at the corner.

Lately I have been primarily using my two Ricoh cameras, the GR III and the Pentax K-3.  I prefer them for documentary work; but, I still like to use my Fuji X-Pro 3 with the 35mm F2 lens and I prefer the Fuji film simulations.  I made the following test images with the X-Pro 3 camera.  I prefer it for monochrome stylistic images.

Biggest Fear, No Electric

210218-053853-JEH21 The biggest fear that we all should have is a loss of electricity.

Reading and watching the news coming out of Texas now, triggered me to think about the wider consequences of power loss.

Our electrical power generation and distribution system is extremely vulnerable in this new age of wild and weird weather due to climate changes.

This vulnerability for loss of power is in addition to the effects of an enemy attacking us with an EMP weapon or widespread digital outage or take-over.

Nothing works without electricity.  Nothing.

Without power we have no heat, no air conditioning, no gasoline to be purchased at the gas stations, no food being delivered to our grocery stores, no fabrication of physical goods, no stores open, no access to our money, no medicines available … nothing!  Over a long period without electricity, several studies have projected that 90% of us will die within a year.

I don’t worry about dying.  I just worry about the pain and discomfort of trying to live without electricity.  Many things that would be lost could be stockpiled to cover short term losses; but, the biggest worry for me is loss of heat.  It is almost impossible to store any form of heat if you don’t have a wood stove and a stockpile of dried wood.  I can’t have a wood stove and stockpile of wood where I live. 

Think about how your life would be impacted without electricity, and then start advocating massive infrastructure improvements in our electrical systems.