Water’s Low

We had no measurable snow this past winter and the month of May set a record for being the driest ever for this region of Pennsylvania.  Our ponds at Homewood are low.

Be prepared for changes.  I think that we either will have water rationing or else we will have heavy downpours from storms coming up from the south and east with possible floods like in 2018 … or maybe both since they are both expected results from human created climate changes.

Life Moves On

In between making my “pretty” pictures and also pictures of goings on around Homewood for the Plum Line, etc,, as I mentioned previously, I am also seeking images that I might print for a zine in monochrome.  I’m not sure I ever will make a zine or book nor am I sure yet as to how I would prefer to display images.  I am also thinking that I might write more and use the images as illustrations; but those thoughts are still trying to take root.

One thing I think I am finding is that objects that are decaying, dying, or dead tend to make images more in line with my views so far; i.e., more mysterious and evolving.  I will continue seeking what I think I might like (haven’t found it yet), but I will try to do most of that work offline.

I’m still learning why I like monochrome, but one reason is that it detaches me from other’s views of reality.  It reduces my views down to the essence of form, light, and substance; i.e., removes the distractions of color.  I see the essential and moving elements of even that which is close to dead; but yet timeless.

I would like to write about changes, how all things are connected, about how all life is brief and largely inconsequential, but yet plays a role.

Still Paving

Homewood improvements are still underway.  I’m really looking forward to them.  It should be a lot safer and easier for those using the Pavilion and Farm House and much quieter for those of us who hear the ground crew driving the carts in and out all day long.

Busy, Noisy, Smelly Day

I think I will be staying inside most of today.  We have a film crew taking pictures around the campus making still images, videos, and drone shots for a commercial.  The first image above shows some of them staging a shot.  There is another larger group of people standing off to the side supervising, etc.

The second image shows a contractor putting down new paving and creating a parking lot for people using the pavilion.  They are very noisy and smelly.  Yesterday it was very dusty.  We will be glad when they finish, but it will be a worthwhile improvement.

Hmmm, I wonder if replacing my camera with the new monochrome only version would be worth it?

Finding Color

I use my pocket camera as a “note maker” as I walk about looking to see what things look like.  Since my fellow residents keep demanding that I make color images, I often record whatever and wherever I see colors just to see what they look like on a digital screen.

But, I also wonder if monochrome doesn’t often work better than color.  Someday, some may start pleading for a little less color.  Sometimes local color doesn’t look so good in color.  This image shows the outlet of the repaired, reduced size, culverts under Morning Glory Drive.

Poison Hemlock Environmental Addendum

Now that I know what it is, I just can’t stop seeing more and more of this invader.  Poison Hemlock is all along Plum Creek down behind Town Hall.  It has spread and will continue to spread.

I also don’t think I have mentioned the other trees that have come down recently along Plum Creek.

Our Grounds Crew will need an army of additional workers and a big increase in their budget if they have any hope for keeping up with the environmental concerns here at Homewood at Plum Creek.