Cookie Time

The weather turned cool and dreary so Marcia decided that it was a good time to do some baking.  I thought it was a good time to work on a style I like:  sets of six squares with dark high contrast monochrome images.  

These images were made with the E-M5 Mark III camera and the 25mm f/1.8 lens.

Guess What, Going Back

No, I’m not going back to longer hair.  I’m going to check-out a used Olympus PEN-F camera.  I owned one and liked it two years ago when I made this image, and then like an idiot I sold it since I didn’t think it would work well enough inside Homewood.  I had used the PEN-F on the streets of Hanover with both the 17mm and the 25mm lenses and I liked it for walking about.  

Do you think I can go back in time?  I’ll let you know after the PEN-F arrives.  it is a used older camera so it might not work out, but I wanted to give it a try as I decide on what small cameras work best for me.  If the PEN-F isn’t satisfactory, I will return it and continue looking for something else.

Change is Slow but Sure

Homewood has been making progress on getting more and more information distributed over the internet on an in-house application that has information on upcoming activities, news of happenings around the campus, and lots of other information.  The app (application) is for those who wish to see and get their information digitally at no additional cost.  If they don’t wish to use the digital version they will still get their information on paper in their in-house mail slot.

The app has the capability to also include pictures of news, events, etc.  Recently Homewood placed some of my pictures in a file under “News”on the app.  Publishing them digitally this way ensures that more of those using digital devices can see my pictures than who currently look at them on my blog since they have everything on one application.  The in-house app also allows for use of pictures that I don’t put on my blog for worldwide viewing.

If this digital display of pictures in-house continues to expand, it will enable me to separate my photography between media that allows for a greater focus of my blog posts towards my external viewers while my internal viewers can use the Homewood channels for Homewood centric images.  This separation gives me more freedom to do what I like with my blog.

As I have been continuing to work on different processing styles, I have also been eliminating some cameras and lenses and acquiring other ones more suitable to my personal interests.  The first to go was my Nikon gear.  I sold my full frame Nikon Z5 and all of the lenses I had for it.  I will be continuing to reduce my gear as I divide my focus between internal and external viewers and as I lighten, eliminate, and reduce in size the cameras and lenses to those I prefer to use.

These changes are not happening quickly but they will keep evolving as I keep experimenting, trying different things, and looking for new subjects and interests.

PS, have I said that I am tired of photographing flowers as I test different equipment and ideas or just make images for illustrations of my blog posts?

When the Sun Doesn’t Shine

If I decide to concentrate on general local photography, I need to increase my opportunities for seeing things differently.  One idea that I have had for some time was to do night photography, but I had never really considered doing it with a micro 4/3 sensor.  Now that it looks like we are going to have a very hot summer, photographing at night after the sun sets, or doing it very early before the sun rises, looks even more appealing.  Also, learning that using the E-M5 III camera with the 25mm lens produces nice images like this one, I am even more interested.  If I can shift my sleep time some, I might give it a real try.

Possibilities I’m Exploring

One possibility that I’m considering is selling my Nikon Z5, Fujifilm X100F, and my Ricoh GR III cameras.  If I did that I would do my Homewood photography using my Olympus micro 4/3 camera and lenses.

The main reasons for doing that would be to reduce the amount of camera gear that I have and to reduce the weight of the gear I use for Homewood photography, and simplify my camera gear for personal photography.  That would leave only my Olympus TG-6 and E-M5 III cameras.  I like that, but I’m also considering acquiring an additional micro 4/3 camera for backup, and so that I could do indoor Homewood photography with two prime lenses without the need to keep changing lenses.

Making the above camera decision is relatively easy, and one that I’m likely to make; but, deciding what to photograph and display on my blog isn’t easy.  One possibility would be to only use my TG-6 for my blog photography in B&W with images like the above ones.  Why would I want to do that?  Well, one reason would be for the challenge.  Another reason would be that it would reduce my walk-around gear to just a small pocket camera.  A third reason would be that it would aid in the consistency of my blog pictures.

A big issue with the above approach would mean that I wouldn’t be using my micro 4/3 gear to make and display other styles of images on my blog like the ones below.  But, my primary dilemma is, what do I want to do with my blog?  I could continue muddling along like I have been doing using both my micro 4/3 gear along with my TG-6 camera and showing whatever I see and can photograph; but, I would like to come up with a more focused purpose and use of my blog that is separate from my Homewood photography.  A big problem with doing that is that I’m not likely to be traveling enough away from Homewood in order to acquire other subject photography.

It might come down to just knuckling down on my photography around Homewood with micro 4/3 gear and just using the TG-6 for a backup walk-about camera.  This could mean that I give up on finding another purpose for my blog and concentrate on publishing images of primary interest to local Homewood residents. 

I’m hoping that somewhere in all of the above there is a compromise.

An Evening with Olympus 25mm f/1.8 Lens

I was out making some night time photos of some recent Homewood additions with the E-M5 III camera with the 25mm f/1.8 lens.  As I started out walking I noticed the muskrat swimming in Plum Creek.  The first image is what I recorded with the 25mm (effective 50mm) focal length lens.  The second image was made from another photo and then cropped and resized.  I made the sky image while walking home a little later.  In-between those images, I made some other images for Homewood.  Later after dark, I drove down to Town Hall to get some photos of the new entrance signs for Homewood.

I really like the E-M5 III micro 4/3 camera and I’m seriously considering using it for all of my Homewood work and selling my full frame Z5 camera and lenses.

Shower Time

Is it shower time or show time?  I have been doing my note keeping and testing with the TG-6.  I made these when I took my shower in the evening a while back.  I wanted to see how the TG-6 performed under those lighting conditions with my B&W preset that I had developed for my micro 4/3 images.  The preset works the same regardless of the camera.

I have made many additional images recently with the TG-6 and I have hope for finding new things and ways to photograph with it.  I like it more & more as I learn more about how, when, and where to use it.  What I haven’t decided is its’ role relative to my micro 4/3 gear with my photography.

Previous WVa Pictures made with TG-6

When I was in WVa last October I made lots of jpeg pictures with my TG-6 camera.  When I processed them for display on my blog after getting home I was a little disappointed in them.  Now that I have recently gone back to using my TG-6 more, I have been using one of my recent presets as a starting point and I like the older jpeg images a lot better after I reprocess them.  The image above is one that I reworked.  The final result is more pleasing and more realistic.

Morning Sky

Today is starting off a little different.  I didn’t expect a brief shower or the sky looking like this.  Our forecast is for 90 degrees F. this afternoon with a severe thunderstorm watch in the afternoon.  I started off the day with these images made with my TG-6 as I continue using it to record what I see around me.  I hadn’t planned on this post, but it shows an example using the TG-6.  I made them in case I get some storm pictures and want to show a story of the day’s weather.

Shifting Gear

I am stopping with my experimenting with different B&W processing of my micro 4/3 images.  I have reached the point where I am satisfied with a simple way to make images like these above from in-camera color jpegs.  I may later do some more tweaking when/if I get some other lenses.  In the meanwhile I will use my preset as a starting point when I wish to make B&W images.  I’m finished with the easy part.

My main problem still exists and that is, why do I want to make pictures and of what?  At this point, I don’t know what subjects to photograph and why to continue with my photography at Homewood other than to photograph the occasional Homewood events.  I need to extend my photography with other ideas for my blog.

Since I most need to find different, additional reasons to photograph and to find other things to photograph, I have decided to temporarily switch from my Olympus E-M5 III camera to my Olympus TG-6 pocket camera.  My intent is to carry the TG-6 all the time and make lots of images of whatever and everything as I experiment with coming up with different images, etc.  I’ll use the TG-6 as a note keeper as I keep varying the point of view and subjects and hopefully try some new things.