Those who have been following my posts for a longer time know that I have arthritis and Raynaud’s Syndrome in my hands which interferes with my use of cameras.  While I have been getting ready for better weather to go out walking more often and further, I decided to buy another pair of gloves that were lighter for cool days; but, the gloves needed to be suitable for using touch controls on my camera and phone.  I started looking around and discovered what are normally referred to as runner’s gloves with the touch fingertips.  The ones shown above are great in that I have no problems using them to operate my cameras, including using the touch features of my LCD if I so desire.

As a bonus, I found out that they work great on my laptop touchpad.  In fact, not only do they work great they also relieve the problem I have with my finger tips going numb after using the computer for extended periods of time.  It has also dawned on me that they also have another bonus feature. 

When I am out intentionally photographing I like to dress in black or dark clothing so that I have less problems with reflections of myself in the images. I also like to blend in when photographing events when I am close or near the front of the residents.  What I realized is that with my black cameras that if I wear the gloves it also makes the fact that I am holding a camera less noticeable.

Air Quality Alert


I though they must have been mistaken to issue an air quality alert for today, until I went out.  You could see it and smell it.  It reminded me of my childhood in West Virginia with the wood and coal smoke in the air.  I had hoped those days were behind me, but probably not.  These kinds of days will likely become more prevalent in the future with Trump’s EPA relaxing the rules.

Opportunities and Gear

100130-095746-untitled shoot-Edit

Lately I have been reviewing my older images to see what I liked best and thinking about how to increase my opportunities for making more such images.  The above is one of my favorite images.  I made it back in 2001 using an inexpensive small pocket Olympus film camera in Peru.  I lost the negatives a long time ago and all I have left are small scans of the 4×6 drug store prints that I had printed after the trip.  What makes the picture so great isn’t the camera or processing.  It was my being able to grab a quick shot of an unstaged composition in which everything came together perfectly to make an excellent establishing shot.  The row of buildings you see in the distance is the entrance to Machu Picchu in Peru and then the walk across the terrace to arrive at the ruins.

As the years have gone by I have switched to better and better cameras (lots of them) with increasing complexity, size, and cost without really increasing the number of pictures that I am most proud of.  No doubt, my later images have been more technically perfect, but what good is that if I don’t make images that I prefer and have fun making.

In the last many months I have been working on returning to the use of smaller cameras and lenses in order to lighten the load.  That has meant dropping from Fujifilm gear back down to Olympus micro 4/3 cameras for my Homewood images.  I am also using my reduced, in number, set of micro 4/3 cameras and lenses for my personal imagery, but I wanted to go even smaller, lighter, and simpler with my walkabout gear.  To accomplish that downsizing I have gone back to a small rugged waterproof pocket camera.  I purchased an Olympus TG-6 camera to replace the Ricoh WG-60 and the Canon G5X Mark II cameras.  I hope to move out more often and further with the TG-6 even though I won’t be traveling internationally; i.e., I have traded gear for mobility and hopefully more opportunities.

Some will interpret my changes in gear as sacrificing gear for opportunities, but I’m not so sure about the sacrificing bit.  In my opinion I have found that the Olympus TG series of cameras are quite flexible and capable so I see this as just another challenge to see what I can make with the TG-6 in the future.

My next step is to wait on warmer weather and then go back out walking around home and see what I can find to photograph; but, I really am missing buying and trying different types of cameras.  I got into the habit of buying new cameras and lenses for each international trip I took.  My love of travel morphed into an obsession with photography gear.