Photo Therapy


What do you do when sitting in a waiting room before 8am to be called for some medical tests?  Since I only had my cell phone with me, I used it to take the above picture along with some others.  When I got back home I used the others to make what you see below.

Photography is my hobby to fill my time and have some fun at the same time.  I try to create views that others didn’t see.  Some call it photo therapy.  What would you call it?

Dave Stahl Quintet at the Eichelberger


Last evening, I attended an intimate evening of jazz in the Eichelberger Performing Arts Center.  It was the Dave Stahl Quintet and they were the best musicians that I have ever seen at the Eich.  The very accomplished musicians were Andrew Neu, Paul Bratcher, Rob Cochran, Lew Leabman, and Dave Stahl.  It has been a long time since I listened to jazz music, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.  They played in the conservatory to a sold out limited audience of 50.  In my opinion, it was a shame that the performance wasn’t in the main auditorium so that more could have enjoyed it.

I didn’t take a camera with me, but I had my iPhone 6 in my pocket so I thought it would be a fine time to try it with some different processing.  The image above is not as the iPhone made it.  After I downloaded the picture into Adobe Lightroom I first corrected the color balance and then used the latest version of the “auto” function in LR Classic.  It does an amazingly good job, even with an older cellphone jpeg image.  I then switched from color to B&W in LR to make the following version of the same picture.  I need to use my cell phone more often to make pictures.


Christmas Decorations at Plum Creek

I have been making pictures of the decorations around Homewood at Plum Creek.  The above are a sample.  I have two busy days of photography for Homewood events this coming Friday and Saturday.  Those activities along with the arrival of winter this coming weekend will decrease my opportunities for personal pictures and publishing on my blog.

Homewood at Plum Creek Photography

When I was in Tunisia I photographed this woman.  One of the artists here at Homewood is using the picture, with my blessings, as a subject in a painting.  Following it are some images of the artist’s initial draft as she is preparing to paint a larger version.


The following is a B&W that shows a close-up of her initial sketching.


My thoughts at the moment are about my photography for and about Homewood.  There are plenty of opportunities for making pictures of things and events here within Homewood, but many of them are not suitable for use in my blog.  Another issue is that most of my photography for Homewood is from a documentary perspective; i.e. recording events and activities in a pictorial manner.  That style of photography leaves little room for stylization other than for how I choose to compose the image.  Below is an example of such a picture that I made the other day as the snow removal contractor was prepositioning equipment and supplies.


Such images are of little interest to others, but I continue to make some of them just to keep in practice.  The image is not straight out of the camera.  I have cropped it, chosen the style of the image, and enhanced areas of the image to make sure that some features are prominent while using a raw file capture rather than jpeg.

Since my primary opportunities for photography are of the above nature, I have acquired a camera and lenses which are good compromises for all aspects of Homewood photography.  That is the Olympus E-M1 Mark II and the Olympus 14-150mm and Panasonic 12-35mm zoom lenses, along with a few prime lenses.  My problem now is that I am not using two other cameras that I acquired because I liked them, even though they are of limited use for particular types of photography.  Those are the Olympus PEN-F and the Fujifilm X100F.  They are ideal cameras for off-campus types of photography that I like, but do little of anymore.  If I were to sell them now, I know that I might regret it later, but I feel that I should sell at least one of them.  The question is, which one?  The PEN-F gives me a backup camera and utilizes the same lenses as the E-M1 Mark II, while the X100F gives me different ergonomics, different film emulations, and lower noise capability along with being an easier to carry camera just in case I might need it.

Posting Slowing Down Some

This is the time of the year when I make a lot of pictures for internal use here at Homewood, which is nice since my other opportunities are less due to the changing seasons, etc.  The above are a couple of images I made in the Villa.  Since I am going to be quite busy for the next couple of weeks, I don’t expect that I will be making as many pictures for this blog and thus won’t be posting as much.