Hanover Art


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I have been continuing to try to find a style for displaying images of Hanover.  For many reasons, I do not like to make straight-forward snapshots of individual buildings, etc. and I haven’t been fond of my previous attempts to do just that.  At the same time, I have become enamored with the many colors, groupings, and styles of the many industrial and older buildings in and around Hanover.  The above are some of my most recent attempts to find a style that is representative of what catches my eye while walking around.

I Like the Ricoh GR II Camera

I was waiting to get my car inspected this morning when I only had my Ricoh GR II to play with, so I made this picture through my open window.  As I have written in earlier posts, I have been exploring different uses of the little fixed effective 28mm lens camera.  I am intrigued about what I might be able to do with it.  As it turns out the sensor and lens in the camera are very good.  The above picture was a jpeg … not a raw file.  The smaller vertical image is a crop of the wider image.

Ricoh GR II Up Close

The number one use of the Ricoh GR series seems to be B&W street photography, at least from what I see on the internet.  The second major use is as a pocket travel camera as I alluded to yesterday.

I haven’t decided how I will use it.  While I am sure that it will be with me often, I am not as interested in travel or B&W street photography.  I will use it some while touring locally, for wide angle photography of Homewood at Plum Creek events, and for when just walking for exercise; but, that might not be enough for me.  In the above images, I was seeing how it worked up close.

Ricoh GR II at Gettysburg

I recently acquired a Ricoh GR II camera and since I needed to go to Gettysburg to get a new driver’s license, I took it along and made a variety of test images.  These were all standard color jpegs and I changed some of them to B&W using LR CC after I returned home.

The bottom-line is that I like the camera.  It is small and easy to carry and has excellent image qualities.  It would make a good travel camera to record your memories.  Now, I need to see how I might use the effective 28mm lens.