Old Man’s Entertainment

I made the above images around 6:30am this morning.  (I wonder how many times I have taken these images … I really need something new.)  I was walking Misty with my TG-5 camera in my pocket.  They looked fine for what they are, but I wanted them to have something to play with to see what else I could do with them.

Or I could just photograph garden debris and then turn it into the following.



190408-180141-untitled shoot-Edit

If folks don’t want to be recognizable, I could always use an old camera with a slow shutter speed and make images like this one … or at least do it digitally.

Why did I do this?  I have been experimenting and trying to find different ways of making images and this one has piqued my interest in trying something different.  At least it is colorful, but does it serve a purpose?  Maybe I could use such images in a series about life at Homewood.

It looks somewhat like something Barbara Ess might do.