Neither Black or White

I am always looking for ways to show the common in an uncommon way as a reminder that we all don’t see or think the same.  In addition, little is black or white, there are always some shades of gray somewhere even if we are talking about politics, parties, candidates, etc.  Some are just darker than others.

I made these images down alongside Plum Tree Lane across from the side of the Farm House while two ambulances and at least three cars with nurses were running back and forth.  Bad day for some.  Since it was hot and humid already, I thought that I would at least cool down these images.

Plastic Medical Bracelets

Just a thought, but it would make all of our hospital trips go quicker, and maybe reduce the costs a little, if they replaced those plastic arm bracelets we get each time with a tattoo.  It would also mean that we wouldn’t have to carry around identification in our wallets just in case we are found lying on the sidewalk someday and hauled away to the ER.  No, I didn’t have an emergency.  I was just having some routine tests.:-)



Aspects of Aging

160712-093532-16JEHThere are some aspects of aging that many do not plan on, such as the increasing amount of time that they spend on doctor’s visits, lab tests, trips to hospitals, and then recovering.  These activities then decrease the available time one has for traveling, hobbies such as photography, etc.  Most would classify those aspects as negative; but they also create positive aspects such as the opportunities to see all of the young, smiling, energetic nurses and technicians in the medical facilities.:-)



Just for fun I photographed the moon last evening and again this morning with my pocket Canon SX720 HS camera … hand held.  The image quality isn’t great, but good enough to demonstrate the possibilities with such a small camera.  Size differences are due to cropping differences.

Changes in my Approach to Photography

160714-201603-16JEHAs I thought more about what to do with my photography and blog, I realized that there are some things that needed to be addressed.  First, I have been running out of time for photographing and writing for my blog, second, I haven’t been happy with what I have been producing, and third, I prefer having a purpose for why I’m making pictures; therefore, I am going to make some changes.

Someone once said, I do not remember who, that our choices are to either learn, try new things, and live, or else decay and die.  I chose to learn and try new things thus, I am shifting my photography toward different projects and away from daily snapshots of a dull life.

I hope to create some deliberate, purposeful longer-term projects rather than a daily post.  The primary one I am working on at the moment is making pictures about activities at Homewood at Plum Creek.  I hope to eventually make a picture book about them.  This is a longer-term effort, around six months, and is currently the primary focus of my photography.  Since few, if any, of those pictures are suitable for my blog, I will have longer gaps between posts; i.e., no more almost daily posts.

I hope to also pursue some other projects that will eventually give me groups of pictures around a few themes, but they will take some time to produce and I need to first decide upon a purpose for each project.  I am hoping that by working on a limited number of deliberate, purposeful projects that I will be able to produce images and outputs focused upon an achieved objective.

I am going to be honest to myself and work on only those efforts that are most important to me, and that I have time to do.  The snapshots that I tend to make as I go through each day aren’t important, but still take time to make if I post them.  Going forward, I plan to budget my time and focus on longer-term efforts that will hopefully result in something more meaningful to me.  I also need some new challenges in my life so I want to try some different things.

I am also thinking that the kinds of changes that I would like to make with my photography, i.e. a more deliberate longer-term pursuit, might also need additional modes of display or output.  Blogging doesn’t work as well for all that I hope to do, and that is one of the reasons that I hope to publish a book for my current Homewood project along with other forms of output.  I haven’t decided about my other projects, maybe one in the spring about the flowers at Homewood, and/or maybe one about a particular aspect of Hanover.

When I can find the time to do a series of mini-projects along the way, I will most likely be presenting them on this blog.  If not, the gap between posts would stretch out to too long, and result in the end of my blogging.  I made this decision the other evening while drinking a beer and those kinds of decisions sometimes don’t gel and don’t last long until I try something else.  Only time will tell.  I will try to do an occasional post about how my changes are progressing as well as about some other changes and some of the challenges along the way.

Slowing Down

160710-204649-16JEH-EditI am slowing down in posting pictures while I decide what I really want to do.  Most of my pictures in the last few years were made while I tried different cameras, lenses, and techniques.  Now that those trials with new gear are winding down, and I am mostly photographing events, activities, and people here at Homewood, I need to decide what, where, and how to make photographs for this blog, or even if I wish to continue it.

There are only so many pretty images of flowers, scenes around Homewood, etc., and I get tired of making the same pictures as I walk the same routes, day after day.  I need to make images that mean something to me.  My images of people here at Homewood mean a lot to me, but I can’t post many of them due to privacy concerns.

Another feature of this blog, in the past, was that it was to a degree an encapsulation of what I saw on a daily basis; i.e. it was a visual diary.  I am not sure that I want to continue doing that since I don’t think it means much to most of my viewers, but it is a way to rationalize my photography.

My plans are to continue taking pictures for both my Homewood projects and for my personal interests.  I am hoping that I will be able to find those kinds of images that I enjoy to make and then that I will be able to formulate a rationale as to how I can continue this blog.

One idea that I have been exploring are the abstract details of things I see in vivid colors.  One of my primary issues with those types of images is that I prefer to use my micro 4/3 cameras with wider lenses, and that doesn’t work well for details since I can’t often get up close.   Longer focal length zoom lenses work best for detail photography, but are not necessary if I can get close.

I also like camera gear and using different cameras and lenses to see what I can make with them.  I like well-engineered equipment.  That probably evolved from my engineering education.  The issue I’m facing now is what to do if I stop buying new & different gear.  One possibility that I have revisited off and on over the years is trying to use just one camera and one lens and living with the challenge to see what I can make with them.  That really limits what I can make, but fits in with the concept of being a lifestyle photographer.  The problem was, I never managed to continue that practice long since I kept running out of things to photograph.

I enjoy my Homewood photography and I would like to expand it into other areas, especially if I could do it with one or two micro 4/3 prime lenses and manage to avoid privacy issues.  I’m thinking that my focus could be on lifestyle photography … what can be seen with a near normal lens without using special wide, or macro, or long focal length lenses.  My biggest issues with that style are privacy concerns of people and my lack of traveling to see new and different places.

Another aspect of my decision relative to my blog revolves around whether or not to continue with the focus of my blog being photography.  In the meanwhile, my “vision” is blurred as to how to proceed so I will slow down as I think more about it.