Saturday Morning Walk

The weather has still been hot so I decided to take my walk in the morning.  I wanted to capture the remnants of what is left of flowers, etc.  I really didn’t expect to find much to photograph but it turned out to be a profitable walk.  I just had to look a little closer as I walked mostly along the edges of the wet areas, & creeks.  As the weather cools I might go back to some of my challenge walks where I pick an area and take a camera and see what I can find.  I like to find what others don’t see.  Maybe it will convince more of them to get out and look more.

Not About Photography?


Mike Johnston had a post a few days ago with the title “Photography Isn’t About Photography.”  That got me thinking again about my own blog and my photography.  My blog started out as a travel photography blog and has then wandered around ever since, but I have usually had something to say about photography gear.  Lately the pictures have mostly been about what I see and enjoy around where I live, but still with discussions of cameras, etc.

I have always been concerned about why I take pictures and why I blog.  Deep down I have been troubled by the fact that my photography hasn’t seemed to have a purpose and I have wondered why I bother.  I am trying to remedy that somewhat with my latest book project about Homewood and that has given me a definite purpose for my photography and has given me some structure relative to what kind of camera and lenses I need.  Having a purpose for my Homewood images of people helps a lot with my photography, but not my blog.

As time goes on, I may make my blog more about life around me on and off campus.  If it is to not be about photography, it means pictures with less mention of photography gear, techniques, etc.  It might not work, but I will try.  I have had several people who live near me say they like my pictures but don’t read what I write.  I will probably continue to concentrate on images of what I see and how I see them.  I’m just not sure what I’ll have to say, if anything, if I don’t say something about photography.  My life has evolved around photography since I retired.

Back to Fujifilm

I keep going down, and back up, the rabbit hole.  I sell one camera system, get another, sell it, and often go back to an earlier system.  Round and round, up and down I go.  Sometimes it is because I think the grass is greener on the other side, sometimes it is because camera manufacturers leapfrog one another, and sometimes it is because my needs change or at least I get a different idea of what I like.  Another problem is that I switch back and forth between what I think I want to do.  I also like change and trying different cameras and lenses.

I have another problem with preferring to use one style of camera that does not fit what I have available to photograph.  It is a case of photographing what fits the camera and lens or changing gear to fit what is available to photograph.  My solution has been to look for a compromise in gear or to acquire multiple cameras.  Recently I have been using an Olympus E-M5ii with various lenses.  I previously sold my Fuji X-T1 camera and moved to the Olympus since I wanted the minimum size and weight to achieve an effective focal length of 600mm as well as the small prime lenses for walking about while making my personal pictures.  I no longer have as much a need for real long focal lengths but I do now need zoom lenses for my event photography as well as the best low light capability that I can afford.  But, I still like prime lenses for my personal photography.  I therefore decided to go back to a Fuji camera.

I bought the Fuji X-E2s along with the 18-55mm and 55-200mm lenses, primarily to photograph events, etc. here at Homewood.  If that works, and I intend to make it work, I will order prime lenses to supplement them when I don’t wish to carry zoom lenses.  I will likely sell off some or all of the micro 4/3 gear.  My desire is to settle down and work on photographing with just the Fuji camera; but I will delay selling any of the micro 4/3 gear until I am sure I can make it work for my needs.

Rather than get a DSLR style camera like the X-T1 or 2, I decided to get the rangefinder style X-E2s.  Further back I owned the X-E1 when they first came out and liked that style, but not the focusing as much.  They have improved the focusing a lot since then.  The X-E2s style of camera works a lot better while photographing in and around people, especially when I get a prime lens later, and it is lighter and fits in a small bag easier.  I also purchased the 55-200mm lens so that I can photograph from behind the audience during events, etc.

Fuji just announced that they will be selling new prime lenses.  These coming lenses are another reason that I went back to Fuji.  I prefer using prime lenses on a camera that has external controls, but fast zoom lenses are better suited for documentary photography.

Moon Over Homewood

For reference, I made these with the Canon G9X which I am still evaluating.  It seems to be the smallest, larger sensor (one-inch), short zoom camera; and, it has pretty good image quality all things considered.  There is no doubt that it makes a good, easily carried, just in-case camera; but is that enough?  Would I dare just take it on a local trip?

Visual Diary with a Canon G9X

Just a note to say that I used a Canon G9X pocket camera to make all of these images.  They are a deliberate variety of images that I chose to try out various settings, etc. with the camera.  I am still learning the controls, limitations, etc.  The first four were taken from inside my car while waiting for Marcia to pick up carry out.  The last four were taken around our house with the last one being an ISO 6400 image.  It is a bit too far for a one-inch sensor but works for some images.  I took it through a window at night.