More Practice Images

Since I have nothing of interest to photograph, I made these to practice on with high contrast color.  I’m also trying to hone my vision to find and make simple pictures.

I like simple images but I preferred making them in B&W until I got so much feedback from some of my viewers that they prefer color, so I have been practicing on high contrast color images of subjects that are readily available instead to see if I can make images that I like that are different from “regular snapshots.”

Mimosa Tree Blooming


Nicest when viewed from afar.  They tend to be messy trees and they don’t make good yard trees, and I would have said 10 years ago that this one growing at Homewood is north of its range and not likely to do well.  Since this one is growing OK, I’ll blame it on global warming.  If you are wondering where it is growing at Homewood at Plum Creek, it is along the upper path above the big pond.

If you want to know my opinion, as well as others who have experienced having a mimosa in their yard, read this humorous, but factual article by clicking here.

no focus


no focus
time goes by
lost from reality
not awake

Other than for my Homewood photography of happenings around here, I have no particular intent or purpose or focus for my personal photography.  What I do have is a limited number of subjects to photograph.  To rise above that situation, I tend to try concentrating on particular tests and uses of cameras and lenses.  At the moment, I’m trying to limit my current focus to using the X100F camera and its fixed prime lens for my personal photography for as great a variety of images as I can.  We’ll see how long it lasts.

PS, the previous post’s image of the swallowtail butterfly was made with the X100F as well as the above out of focus image of a clock face and reflections.