My Next Adventure …. Lumbar Fusion

Some of you have noted that I haven’t been traveling as much, nor have I been adding many new pictures to my blog in the last few years.  There is a reason for that, but first take a look at the following picture.  I took this in my back yard a few days ago.  It was early and I noticed that the sun was back-lighting the fog in my neighbor’s yard behind our house.  This is the scene while looking out of my yard and down his driveway.  This is probably the last picture I will take for a few months.

Now, back to my next adventure and one of the primary reasons for fewer trips and pictures.  Some of you probably noticed that my recent pictures taken in October in West Virginia were mostly from the road or only a short walk away from it.  For some 20 to 30 years I have had problems with my back and it has now gotten serious enough that I need to have a lumbar fusion.  One of my disks has been collapsed and I have had bone-on-bone contact between two vertebrae.  This along with arthritis has created a situation where pressure is being applied to the nerves to my legs.  As a result of that, my legs get quite weak, along with significant pain, and I can’t walk far or stand very long; thus, I haven’t been traveling or taking many pictures.

I will be having two vertebra fused along with the addition of two rods and four screws in my back.  My surgery is scheduled for 9 Nov and will be over shortly; but, unfortunately, the recovery period is rather long.  I will be restricted to no lifting, twisting, or bending for around 12 weeks, with total healing taking up to a year.  As a result, I have no future trips scheduled but hope to get back to taking pictures soon and returning to international traveling by next fall.

I haven’t decided yet about additional writing in my blog.  It will depend on how I feel, how bored I get this winter, and what opportunities I see for future articles.  Please check back … we all might be surprised.


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