Lumix G3 Replacing Pentax K-5

I am taking the big step and selling my K-5 and all the lenses I have for it.  I have replaced it with the Lumix G3.  The primary reason is that I decided to reduce the size & weight of my gear.  As configured above, the Lumix G3 with the 14 – 42 mm lens weighs 560 gm. and the K-5 with the comparable 18 – 55 mm lens weighs 1010 gm.  I had not been using the K-5 and had been primarily using my Olympus E-P3 with prime lenses since it was lighter and easier to carry … until I got the Panasonic Lumix G3.

My rationale is that the extra weight & size of the K-5 is not worth it to me.  The K-5 is a better camera, has an APS size sensor, is weather resistant, and is sturdier with a magnesium body; but I have not been utilizing those features.  Those benefits had no value to me if I didn’t take the camera out and use it.  The weight and size disadvantage of the K-5 system was even worse when I used it with the 55 – 300 mm lens and that was my main configuration.  I preferred to use the long zoom lens on it rather than a comparable zoom on the E-P3 since the E-P3 doesn’t have a viewfinder and it was harder to hold steady when holding it out so I could see the LCD to compose pictures.

I have ordered the Panasonic 45 – 175 mm Lumix GX Vario PZ lens and intend to use it on the G3 most of the time.  The lens doesn’t have quite the reach of the Pentax set-up (only an effective 350 mm rather than the 450 mm I had with the Pentax), but I think that will be sufficient.  I could have ordered a longer lens for the G3 but I liked that the new 45 – 175 mm lens doesn’t extend when focusing or zooming.  It will be easier to hold steady and won’t be so noticeable when using it on the street.  If I need a longer zoom, Panasonic has a 300 mm lens (effective 600 mm) … longer than anything Pentax has.

It will take a little more time to get real familiar with the G3, but so far I really like the ergonomics and the quality of the images.  I’m even thinking that I might sell my E-P3 and just use the G3 for my photography … I still have my Canon S95 for a pocket camera but haven’t been using it so I might also sell it.  I will wait and see if I’m always carrying the G3 with me when I go out.  If not, I might keep the E-P3 as a jacket/vest pocket camera with either the 14 or the 20 mm pancake lens and just a wrist strap on it.

Normally on a day like yesterday when it is foggy and drizzling, I would prefer to take my K-5 while out walking; but this time I took the G3 with the 14 – 42 mm lens.  I kept it on a neck strap under my raincoat and only took it out while shooting.  Here are a few shots that I took.  The G3 did just fine.  I’ll soon be saying goodby to the K-5.

Update (20 June 2012) …. I reversed this action … click here for a change.


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