Additional Covered Patio

I hadn’t planned on putting any of these pictures on the web until after our new covered patio was completed, but since several have asked how it’s coming, I will put up several sets of pictures showing the progress.

We are having a new patio laid on the other side of our sunroom.  The existing patio and door outside faces the southwest and our neighbors close by on the top of a small rise.  In order to get a little more privacy and shade we are adding (at our expense) another patio on the northwest side of the sunroom.  This required us to put in another door (a sliding door to let in more light) as well as the new patio.  The new patio will have pavers for a surface at ground level and will be covered with a shed roof to provide a little more shade and shelter from the rain.

The first pictures show the removal of an existing window and the installation of a sliding door.

The following pictures show the digging of the 3 ft. deep hole and its filling with cement for the post support.  It only takes one post since the other sides of the roof are attached to the house.

 After the cement cured for a few days, they started putting up the framing for the roof



They will come back Monday to continue building the roof structure.  After they are through with the roof, we will have the pavers laid for the floor and a walkway connecting this patio and the original patio on the other side of the sunroom, and then they will do the landscaping.

I’ll show more of the construction as it progresses and a final post when it is all completed.