Fujifilm X100 in Low Light

I had a number of reasons for getting the Fujifilm X100 camera with a fixed 35 mm(e) lens; but one of my primary reasons was to acquire a camera that would enable me to take good pictures in low light situations.  I now have it.

The pictures in this posting were all taken at an ISO of 3200 and an aperture of f/2.0 at around 9:00 pm in the evening.  I find that the X100 has excellent dynamic range for such a small camera with great detail in both the shadow or dark areas as well as in the lit areas.  In addition, I had no problems in getting the camera to focus in any of the shots.

As with all the pictures in this blog, you can click on the picture to get it on a page by itself and then click above the picture where it shows the size … usually the long edge is 2000 pixels.  After you do this you can get a better appreciation of the details … for example looking through the windows.

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  1. Wendy Gunderson


    I love your blog! I was drawn in through Google to your Ireland photos while searching for people who travel with prime lenses. We were in Ireland over Easter in 2011 and hope to return and see more of the country. I’ve also had an interest in the Fuji X100 and was glad to see your low light pics. After lugging around a lot of gear, I was thinking I would like something light and easy but with all the controls. Thanks for the info!