Eichelberger Performing Art’s Center

Yesterday the Men’s Group here at Homewood at Plum Creek toured the Eichelberger Performing Art’s Center here in Hanover, PA.  We took the bus over and then divided into two groups to tour everything from the main theater to the dressing rooms as well as the mechanical and electrical controls and everything necessary to put on shows.

One of the reasons for showing these pictures is to demonstrate the excellent ability of the Fuji X100 fixed lens camera to handle the range of lighting between extremes of dark and light.  Some of the indoor scenes were taken at an ISO of 3200.  It also did a great job of setting the exposures and white balance, especially for pictures of people.  I highly recommend this camera for scenes with people when having only a single 35 (e) mm focal length is satisfactory.

You can look at the following pictures by clicking on one to see it larger … then keep clicking to go through the sequence.