Clematis with the Fujifilm X100

The days are hot, humid, and hazy here at this time of year and I don’t go out much; but we had an early thunderstorm right before sunrise so I got up early to take a walk.  You can still see the drops of rain water on this Clematis flower which climbs on our mailbox.

I usually take a long lens with me as I walk but since I sent my K-5 off to be exchanged, I grabbed my Fuji X100 this time.  I have used it under different circumstances so that I can learn its limitations, but I haven’t found any beyond having a fixed 35 mm lens.  One of the complaints that some have made is the focusing ability at close range … but I just selected the “macro” setting and it focused immediately using the EVF with a small focus spot.

One comment

  1. Dee

    I love that you can see the drops on th petals. I know about those hot days, I left for the cool of the mountains, but temps are running above normal here also.