Living at Plum Creek

Sunset from back porch

Moon over farm house at sunset

Moon over maintenance building at sunset


Most of the traffic on the streets is golf carts

You can hear the cows mooing

Everywhere you look is lovely landscaping

When something breaks, your first thought is – IVAN

You hear hymns chiming every hour

If you have a dog you always have a poop bag with you

You don’t eat dinner in Windows Dining Room on Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday

Every meal in the Dining Room requires reservations

Your medical or cleaning assistant arrives in a golf cart

Your newspaper is delivered by a lady older than most of the residents

A noise from the sewer grate is probably a baby duck

When a dark shadow goes over your head it is a Great Blue Heron

There is a meandering creek with pretty wooden bridges

Anything you need is within a 3 mile drive

Everyone that goes by in a car waves

There are wetlands with a variety of birds and other creatures

On patriotic holidays the campus is covered with American flags

At night all you hear is cows, frogs and the sound of water from the fountains

You feel so safe you can walk your dog at midnight

Every meal ends with a chocolate mint

You are never assaulted with cigarette smoke

People pet your dog and know her name

You never hear anyone using foul language

“Plum Line” does not refer to measuring anything

You know to go to the Farmhouse if you want to see a lot of trains

You have a seat at the dog run to enjoy nature at its best

You go to Town Hall in the afternoon for ice cream


  1. Janis

    Just came across your blog …seems we are just about neighbors…I live just a few miles from Plum Creek.. in Penn township. .your photos are beautiful I share your love for taking photos..hope you visit my blog sometime


  2. Dee

    I love the pictures, especially the first one, a beautiful sky. Plum Creek sounds like a pretty good place to be, life sounds easy.