Blog Focus … International?

A very scared feral cat

Those who have been following my web site know that I have been a little conflicted about what to “focus” on.  Is it a travel blog?  Is it a photography blog?  Is it about my random thoughts relative to a changing world?  Generally my emphasis has changed depending upon what I see around me and has come to mostly be about photography in some manner.

When it comes to style, I really don’t have one.  I’ll shoot anything that catches my eye and present it in the manner I view it.  I try to keep an open mind relative to my subjects and enjoy shooting the common things that are around me, but I try to capture views that others don’t see.

Slowly over time there have been a number of changes in my pictures.  One factor has been that I have not been traveling internationally lately.  A second factor has been my changing physical abilities and their impact on my cameras.  This has caused me to focus a lot more on cameras and since there seems to be an infinite amount of new camera gear, I have to force myself to remember that it is about taking pictures and not the gear.

The third influence has been the growing international aspects of my blog.  Many who wonder about some of the things I write are not aware of the international aspects.  My blog has been viewed in 98 different countries and only about 44% of the viewers live in the U.S.  I find it somewhat amazing that the number of international viewers has grown since I moved to Homewood at Plum Creek and have been mainly shooting close to home.  I’m not sure why that has happened or what that means about what I photograph or write about in the future, but I don’t think I will be doing much differently.  What I see is what you will see.

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