Changes are Afoot … Entropy Photography

Sunday evening it thundered and the rain came down.

Eventually it cleared and the rain stopped.

This morning I saw the below scene in my front yard.  The rain had knocked off a flower in a hanging basket containing a begonia plant.  And now it is getting hot and is even more humid.

I’m getting tired of photographing wildlife and the little events around me.  I need something different to fill the gap from not traveling to take pictures.  That is my reason for looking for another subject, or theme.  I would like to find something different … something unlike the pictures that others around me are taking.

I have tried for some time to figure out how to photograph change.  I have not been successful since changes are so prevalent, widespread, and slow; therefore, I have chosen to concentrate on change in a more focused way.

I’m going to start a new photo project … entropy photography.  Entropy is a thermodynamic property in which everything in a closed system becomes more disordered as they move toward achieving equilibrium or homogenization.  Entropy is measured in terms of the energy that is not available for work … heat is distributed evenly … material objects wear out … organisms die … disorder reigns.

I am not going to delve any deeper into the definition of entropy in this blog so you can relax; but, you probably are wondering how in the world am I going to photograph it.  I’m going to try to photograph the results of it.  It is still a project in creation and I’m sure it will evolve as time goes on but at the moment I’m thinking of collecting a set of pictures that show the evolution of entropy as seen in common everyday things.  Things like:

  • Decaying structures
  • Dying flowers
  • Worn out tools
  • Evidence of changes along the path to the end
  • Disorder, etc.

I will probably make some other changes as I collect pictures that relate to entropy.  I will try to develop a style that consistently portrays the way I see the emotions associated with decay.  Since this whole effort will be evolving, you will probably see other changes as I go along, but they might be a long time coming.  I’m doing this project as an experiment.  It will be to please me and give me a different source of things to photograph and many of you might not like this addition, but that is OK … different courses for different horses.  As the years go by, my perspective continues to change and that is the reason for the title of this blog.

But don’t get alarmed that all of my future pictures will consist of doom and gloom.  I will continue to display pictures like I have shown, views of life around me as I see it, but maybe fewer of them.  I will create another category in this blog labeled “entropy”.  These new pictures will be an expansion of my “vision” and may occasionally appear with no, or little, text.


  1. Dee

    I love that you can actually see those big gobby raindrops, and the foggy, misty pic is beautiful. I do love to walk in the rain, we are in our monsoon season here and my dog and I are out walking in the rain a lot. I find it amazing that the bloom landed right side up considering that a gusty wind must have knocked it off,or did you pose it?


  2. slpmartin

    I’m looking forward to this phase of your photography…it is indeed quite a challenge..but given what I have seen of your work in the past …it shall be well done.