Processing Styles

While the weather has been lousy for taking pictures of any kind outdoors, I have thought about changes in how I process and display my pictures.  It really started when I started designing a new style for developing my pictures portraying entropy … and I’m still working on it.  While working on some possibilities, and trying them out on different pictures, I found that I liked one of the styles I had developed when I applied them to scenes of Hanover.

I tried to develop a process that gave the pictures a slight old-time look while maximizing the details, sharpness, and depth … things that get degraded in real old printed pictures.  Take a look at the gallery below.  I show a picture as I had displayed them and then how they would look with this new process.  I haven’t decided to go with this particular style yet, what do you think?  How do you like it?

Click on the first picture and you will see it larger, and then you can go back and forth.  All of the pictures were shot in raw format with the Fuji X100 and then processed in Adobe Lightroom 4.