Crop-Zooming with the Fuji X100 Camera at the Dutch Festival

While at the Hanover, PA Dutch Festival yesterday, I took my Fuji X100 camera with its effective 35 mm fixed lens and took a few pictures just to see how it worked in that environment.  The following picture was taken at ISO 200, f/5, 1/340 sec in raw format and developed in LR4 using the Adobe standard profile with daylight WB and medium contrast tone curve.  I didn’t attempt to do anything special with the picture development.  My objective was to see how a significant crop-zoom looked in my blog.  The following picture has not been cropped.

I next cropped a section out of the picture to see how far I could go with crop-zooming.  The picture below is a little more than 1/12 of the area of the above picture with no other changes.  Both pictures are displayed at a maximum width of 1000 pixels if you click on each of them and then select that size above the picture.  When you look at the larger pictures you will note that I could have crop-zoomed even more.

OK, for those of you who are wondering why, this is why I’m showing you the above.  It was my intent when I got this camera to be able to do crop-zooming for pictures to use in my blog.  If crop-zooming worked, I would be able to use a smaller, lighter camera with a fixed prime lens while traveling and walking about.  I wouldn’t have to take my heavier Pentax K-5 DSLR with its larger, heavier zoom lenses.

My conclusion:  it works great, but you can look at the above picture and make up your own mind.  As long as you are just showing your pictures on the web and are not printing them out as large prints, it works.  For those of you now thinking that you can do this, well maybe.  Try it first to see.  I got the Fiji X100 12 MP camera since it is well known to have excellent image quality.  While I can do the same thing with my Pentax K-5 and lenses, the quality of the results is not quite as good.

By the way, I had zero problems with the camera focusing quickly.  The Fuji X100 camera has no problems when used after the firmware updates are made.  In addition, I used the camera in “silent mode” where it gives no outward indications of taking a picture and I don’t think anyone ever noticed that I was using it … and this was in an environment where no one else was taking pictures.  I only saw one other camera the whole time I was at the festival.  I carried the camera out in the open on a strap around my neck.  I also had a camera bag over my shoulder, and I certainly wasn’t in a typical touristy area where everyone seems to be taking pictures and I wasn’t trying to hide the fact that I was taking pictures.

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  1. Janis

    Nice street shot…I almost took my camera to the festival yesterday…lots of photo ops for sure. I was with a group of folks n did not want them waiting on me taking pictures…Street photography is in a category all it’s own, it’s a little more intrusive then landscape shots.