Gettysburg Museum with a Fuji X100

The Men’s Group from Homewood at Plum Creek went to Gettysburg, PA for a behind the scenes tour of the archives.  All of my pictures were taken with the Fuji X100.  Today, I’m just showing you a sampling to demonstrate how it performed over a range of lighting conditions.

The following were taken in the basement archives under fluorescent lights.

The next picture was taken while viewing the Cyclorama which is a sound and light show using a large circular painting.

The next set of pictures is a sample of images from within the Museum.  Several of them are pictures of pictures; others are pictures of scenes behind glass.

I am convinced that the Fuji X100 is the best camera that I have ever used for taking pictures inside of museums.   All pictures were taken with the camera in the silent mode with no flash using the “P” mode and auto WB setting.  The majority were taken at an aperture of f/2 and a shutter speed of 1/80 sec.  The ISOs were between 200 and 3200.


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  2. Dee

    Beautiful pictures and thank you for the walk down memory lane. My late husband and I went there many times with guests when we lived in Hagerstown, Md. We lived right on the Antietam Creek in a circa 1832 home, not far from Burnside Brigde.