More jpeg Conversions

I have continued to work with tweaking the jpegs from the same set of pictures from which the previous post was derived.  Some might not like this degree of tweaking … others might like it; but that isn’t why I’m showing these pictures.  I’m showing them to convince others to try working with their older jpeg pictures using LR4 or a similar program.  The following consists of sets of the same picture.  The first one in a set shows what the original jpeg picture looks like straight out of the camera.  The second in the set shows a somewhat radical adjustment to emphasize details, colors, etc.  The third in the set shows what the previous picture looks like in B&W.

The first set was taken inside a house with no flash.

The second set was taken in one of the barns.

The next set is of another old home based on an Irish style of construction.

The final set is of an early American homestead.

If you would like to have this capability you need Adobe Lightroom 4 or a similar program; and if you would really like to be able to adjust your pictures after you have taken them, get a camera that lets you shoot raw and then develop them in your computer.

You don’t have to like any of these styles.  If you desire, you can make less radical adjustments.  I will use all three of these styles (as well as others) depending upon the subject, mood, message being sent, etc. … but I think I prefer the B&W.  What about the rest of you?  Leave a comment below.


  1. Dee

    That’s awesome, I didn’t know we had thatched roofs here, have seen them in Ireland and in Wales. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful photo’s, I am enjoying what you are doing with them,

  2. John

    Wasn’t in PA. It was at a Frontier Culture Center in VA which had houses built like the early homes that the pioneers left when they came from Europe.

  3. Dee

    I love the old fashion trundle bed and the thatched roof. I have not seen that kind of roof here, was that pic taken in Pa?