Plum Creek Floods

On 18 Sept. 2012 we had some hard rains and Plum Creek spread beyond its banks.  No harm was done since we have no buildings in the flood plain … just walking paths and the dog park.  Three hours after these pictures were taken the creek was back in its banks.

I went out when the rains started to let up and used my Pentax K-5 (it’s rain resistant) to take these pictures since it was still raining lightly.  You can see the rain splashing upon the water.  To best view the gallery below, click on the first picture and then click on the right or left arrows to cycle through all the pictures.  After viewing the pictures you can click on your escape key and it will bring you back to this page.

One comment

  1. Dee

    Wow!!!! you had a lot off rain, it is fascinating though to see what the paths of water do. You captured it all so well, glad things are back to normal.