Finding my Vision in Simple B&W Scenes

I’m getting closer to finding the kinds of photographs I prefer to make.  One approach I have taken to find the style I like has been to go back through older pictures that I took and then to crop and develop them differently.  I took the above picture while traveling in Ireland, but it didn’t look like this at first.  I took the picture through a heavily tinted van window as we drove along.  I used a 20 mm prime lens on an Olympus E-PL2 camera.  The original picture included more details in the foreground including a fence, gate, grass, weeds, and rocks.  As taken, it wasn’t a very good picture, but fortunately, I had taken it as a raw file and thus I had a lot of room to recover this version using LR4.   In this version I have cropped out all the extraneous stuff in the foreground and then converted it to B&W to eliminate all the weird colors.

The above is one of my favorite pictures in my new frame of mind.  I like B&W since it helps to reduce the picture down to the essentials.  In this case it is a scene of two riders along the shore on a breezy cool day with frequent showers.

In the coming days I’ll share a few more of my reworked scenes from Ireland, but I like the above best.  My real challenge now is to go out and make new pictures that I really like.  It was relatively easy to find simple pleasing scenes in Ireland.  It is a lot harder to find uncluttered scenes close to home here in Hanover, PA.

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  1. Dee

    I also love this one, the clusters of clouds, some more ominous looking than the others. the waves rolling in, maybe some lapping at the feet of the horses. There is something about the ocean that makes one pensive.