Leaves are Turning Color in West Virginia

The U.S. Forest Service maintains some real-time cameras at several locations in the mountains.  There is one located in West Virginia that overlooks one of my favorite places … the Canaan Valley.  It is one of their air quality and meteorology stations.  They call this one the Dolly Sods station since you can see Dolly Sods in the far distance when it is clear.  You can see the real-time data by clicking here.

I took a look at the image (shown below) a little before noon today and noticed that it was quite dark and I could barely see the color of the leaves on the trees.

I then had a thought.  What if I downloaded the image and used Lightroom 4 to see if I could adjust the exposure, etc.  It worked.  You can see in the adjusted image below that the leaves have started turning and that it looked like it was also raining in the valley … probably why the original image was so dark.

For those who are interested in what I did in Lightroom 4, I used two graduated filters … one down from the top and one up from the bottom.  In both filters I primarily added a little clarity and contrast and used -0.75 exposure in the top filter and +1.79 in the bottom filter.

One comment

  1. Dee

    So beautiful, the cloud formations, the mountains and that spectacular color in the trees. I love how you made them more vivid in the last pic.