Today’s Walk

I have been mostly staying inside ever since Sandy hit.  We didn’t have any adverse effects other than lots of rain and wind; but, it has been quite dreary, breezy, and cool with little opportunity for taking pictures ever since she blew through.  Today the sun finally broke through.  Since I needed to walk down to the pharmacy, I took my camera while I made a quick trip.  To the east the sky was very cloudy, but it was blue with some clouds to the west with a temperature of 48 degrees Fahrenheit and a light breeze.

There is nothing special about these pictures … just another collection of what I saw on my short walk.  I tend to get a little down if I don’t take at least a few pictures, so I try to take some as often as I can.  I like the challenge to find something different to photograph, but this is a little hard to do in the winter so you might have to be patient with my photo therapy sessions.  I’m trying to come up with some different subjects to photograph but I haven’t had much success yet.

BTW, Sandy deposited 37 inches of snow at Blackwater Falls State Park in WV where the previous pictures were taken.  I’m glad she waited until after I left.

One comment

  1. Dee

    I am so glad you were not effected too much by sandy, as so many were. I was feeling guity here as we were basking in some awesome sunshine, and NO wind, something very unusual for us. A dreary day is always a good reason to get into a good book. My most favorite pic, the water over the rocks, you can see so much, swirling in different directions in it, it fascinates me. then the clouds, ominous looking but so beautiful. There is so much beauty in the world if we look for it. Next the bottles, does your pharmacy just have those out on display? I used to collect them and other old things like spitune pots, coffee grinders, and a lot of horse stuff, old stuff is very interesting. Whoever did the pumpkin arrangement did a beautiful job, and I love the yellow leaves, my favorite color.