Through the Blinds … Read the Text


I was playing around with my camera this morning and noticed that it has super powers … it literally sees through the blinds.  I was sitting at my computer while I took a picture through my window.  The blinds are aluminum metal curved opaque venetian blinds.  If you look carefully at the above picture you can see that the vanes do not totally block the light … or rather that it seems that the light flows around them almost as if they weren’t there.  This is noticeable both in the clouds and in the villas at the bottom.

I wasn’t really playing with my camera … I was changing the focusing spot and using a small focus area in the center of the lens to be able to focus on the distant tree line while looking through the window and between the blind vanes.  If I had focused on a blind vane it would have been opaque and dark and the scene between the vanes would have been blurred.  It is also a function of how close the camera was to the blinds.  If you are wondering what your neighbors can see through your blinds, you need not worry unless they are right up close to the window.

BTW, this is to encourage some of my visitors to read my articles and not just look at the pictures.

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  1. Dee

    It’s a really interesting pic, the sky is beautiful. Loved the comment about the neighbors. If my husband were still here he would love your camera tips, he was the picture taker.