Next, the Sony NEX-6

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I’m still using my Pentax K-5 as my only camera.  I used it to take the above picture when I was out the other morning.  It is a great camera, especially for outdoors, but it is heavier and bigger than I like.  It is the best small DSLR for such outdoor use since it is weather resistant, but I still find that it is heavy to hold for long periods and causes my arthritic hands to ache.  In addition, it is not a discreet camera when I have a long zoom lens on it and I’m shooting among people.  I mentioned that my intention was to use the K-5 with prime lenses when I was among people, but since I haven’t been anywhere lately, I still haven’t tried that.  I’m positive that will help, but it isn’t sufficient.

In some earlier articles I explained that I was trying some smaller cameras … the Olympus E-PL5 here, and the Pentax K-01 here, to have a camera that was smaller and lighter than the K-5; but I ended up not keeping them.  My wish is to get another smaller camera that I can use in and around people or when I need to carry a camera for a long time.  For various reasons I decided that the above mentioned cameras were not what I was looking for.  I next thought about getting a Canon G15 to use as a jacket pocket camera but I never ordered one since I started doubting that I would be satisfied with the image quality.  At that point I still had no solution and only one heavy camera.  I haven’t been carrying my K-5 much lately and every time I pick it up it feels like it has gained a pound.

Still wishing to someday find a lighter camera that would satisfy most of my needs, I decided to continue to look for a camera that was small and light with a great sensor for producing good pictures in low light.  I’m not ready to replace the K-5 yet but I decided that I would continue looking for a camera system that had the potential for being smaller and lighter with both good ergonomics and image quality similar to the K-5.  I decided that I would try the Sony NEX-6, and ordered one with the 16 – 50mm zoom lens.  One of the first advertisements that got me interested was this YouTube by Sony which demonstrates it in use.

My NEX-6 should be delivered today.  I’m anxious to try it and compare it to the K-5.  My plans at the moment are to first use the NEX-6 for my wider angle shots … especially those inside buildings and on the streets.  I will continue to use the K-5 with my 55 – 300mm zoom lens primarily for landscapes and wildlife.  I’ll let you know how the NEX-6 fits my needs.  If I like the NEX-6, I will then think about getting a longer lens and potentially replacing the K-5 with it.

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  1. John from Boston

    I’ll be interested to hear your report on the NEX-6. From what I understand, it’s a wonderful camera for some styles of shooting. Focus peaking makes it especially good with lens adapters and manual focusing. You might end up liking it with some of your Pentax glass (even though that’s not your main intent for the NEX). It seems less stellar as a primary system due to the current native lens lineup. The ergonomics looks super.