Problems with Using Tablets as Cameras

I went to a school play last evening to watch my youngest granddaughter.  It just so happens that there were two couples sitting in front of me who whipped out their identical Tablets and proceeded to film most of the play.  One problem is that they are huge, especially if you happen to be sitting behind them.  If any of you use your Tablets this way please be considerate of those behind you.

By the way, be careful of what you put up on your screen … like your contact addresses.  Maybe I should send all of them my web site so they can see this article.  I’m sure that the owners/users of these Tablets would be the first to “scream” and cry “invasion of privacy” if they had their address list distributed; but, is it if they flaunt them this way?  It is becoming an interesting question.  Note this article about being photographed through the windows.

One comment

  1. Dee

    Interesting, I would not have thought about that, but those tablets are awfully big to carry around. I can understand why it was in your way.