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I have hinted in earlier postings that I was researching new cameras.  I have enjoyed trying new cameras and in the past it has given me an outlet as a hobby, mostly for two reasons.  First it gave me a chance to learn new technology and then write an occasional post about it.  I usually never have more than three cameras at a time since I have bought and then sold them.  This approach is now going to slow down.  The resale or trade-in price of cameras has plummeted.  I can no longer pursue my past practices without incurring a higher financial loss.  The trade-in value of the newer design mirrorless cameras now drops to around one-third of the purchase price in about six months.  That will slow down the up-grade sales for the camera companies.  It also means that the best time to buy a new camera might be right before a new model comes out since many of the new models only have minor improvements or changes that aren’t worth the new prices.

The second reason that I enjoyed getting new cameras and lenses is that it always tended to rejuvenate my photography.  With new capabilities I would go out and explore new things to photograph.  If I’m now going to slow down on trying new cameras I will also likely slow down with photography in general.  This is a bad time to do that since photography is my only hobby and the principal way I spend my time … researching, reading, taking pictures, developing pictures, and showing some of them in this blog, etc.  If I don’t do that what do I do?

At the moment I’m mostly reading and thinking about it.  My challenge is to find new ways to photograph and show life’s changes that happen nearby where I live using the cameras and lens, etc. that I have.  It’s theoretically possible but not easy and might get boring; but you have to admit, it is a challenge.  It’s also no different than it has been for the last few months.  It’s just that a potential solution has been closed.

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  1. Dee

    I do enjoy your pictures, and your blog. Enjoy each day as it comes, we are only given that one. If tomorrow comes, then create a new plan.