Soon … Hopefully … Maybe

In the past I have walked some of the streets of Hanover just to make a few pictures that attempt to capture the sense of the here and now that isn’t much different from many decades ago.

Mostly I have previously shown the pictures in color but I have tried some in B&W … really monochrome.  The problem is that I think monochrome pictures should work well with these scenes, but I haven’t found a style that I think is most appropriate.  The above are some conversions of a previous picture that I have worked on.  The picture isn’t of anything unique but it is a good example of images taken in bright sun.

The first picture is pretty much a neutral conversion of the color picture.  The second and third images are some presets from Silver Efex Pro which I could use as starting points, but they might go a little too far.  If you have an opinion please comment.  I would like to settle on a style before I go back and attempt to make some more pictures.

If I don’t find a monochrome style that I like I might go back to see if I can find a color style that I like.  In the meanwhile I will keep experimenting with older pictures.  I have at least two more weeks of restrictions on my activities since I’m still on antibiotics and recovering from my infection, but I at least got it closed and stitched up yesterday.

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  1. Dee

    I like number one the best and 2 second, I do like the black and whites, think they are growing on me