Scene or Event?


We had some storms pop up late yesterday afternoon or early evening after the temperatures had gotten up into the mid 90s.  Afterwards, I went out with the camera and took the above picture of the sky.

While enjoying it on my computer I paused to think a bit.  Do I take pictures of scenes or of events?  I suppose you could call it either or both.  What I call it probably doesn’t make any difference to you, but it does to me.

I’m always looking for things to photograph and that is why it makes a difference to me.  Do I go out looking for scenes or do I look for events?  Given that I’m usually photographing in the same locations, it helps to look for different events.  When I make a picture I’m conscious of the fact that it is different at that moment than before or later.  It will never be exactly the same again.

That is how I overcome the feeling that it is hopeless to go out with a camera while covering the same ground over and over.  I go out looking for events.

One comment

  1. Dee

    Absolutely beautiful the way those two clouds are joined together, you have captured another great picture. It is amazing how many opportunities are there in God’s sky, for us to see, many do not even look up and notice.