Some Pictures Just Work Better in B&W


It has been hot and I haven’t been out much nor have I thought of anything to photograph; so I have used my time to research cameras and lenses and to work on seeing what I can do with older pictures that I have taken.

The above picture originally had a solid blue sky with a mix of various colored bricks in the buildings and I never liked it much.  I don’t think I have shown it before, but I may have.  I ran across it while I was looking through older pictures to try to figure out what was the best focal length lens for me to use whenever I get around to going back to town to make some more pictures.  For those who might be interested, the effective 35mm of the Fujifilm X100 worked nicely for this picture.

I like this style for this picture since it emphasizes the texture of the bricks and the old character of the building without over-whelming the viewer with the vivid colors of the sky and bricks.

You can read more about our old buildings and the C. Moul & Co, by clicking here.

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  1. Dee

    You are right, much more interesting in B & W. I will have to google the company so I can lean more about it.