Guthrie Memorial Library in Hanover, PA

The following are some pictures of the library in Hanover.  I’m showing them in two galleries.  The first is in color.  It is followed by the same pictures but in B&W.  I suppose that I should just show pictures like these in color, but I’m still experimenting to see what I can do with my B&W processing.  In addition some prefer one over the other.  This way you get to choose which you prefer.

All of the pictures are of the library or the adjoining property, on the other side of the railroad tracks since the library sits between two spurs.

I used a 35mm prime lens for these pictures.  It was not an ideal focal length for all the scenes but I was trying to see what I would get and to also see how the NEX-6 handled the exposures and white balance.

I suppose that if I were touring this facility while visiting from another town that I would prefer the color version; but, from a production process and the joy of working with them, I prefer the B&W version.

One comment

  1. PAS

    My own feeling is that most of the picture are better in b&w here because they feature nice geometry or interesting shapes (like for the – very beautiful – railway). But sometimes color is better, like for the stained glass, because the shape alone is hard to read in b&w.
    Just my own perception, though.