Glen Rocks … Moving on to X-E1


For those who are interested in where this picture was taken, it was along the rail trail and train tracks south of Glen Rock, PA.  I took the picture from the train as we rode along the track on the “Steam into History” train ride.  The train was moving and I had to use a shutter speed of 1/1250 sec, at f/4, and ISO of 2500 since there wasn’t much light.

I was still in the middle of my challenge to just use prime lenses when I took the above picture.  This picture was taken with my NEX-6 and 20mm lens.  I used that single lens for the entire train ride.  My challenge to use only prime lenses for a while has gone quite well.  I have enjoyed moving about with a small camera and just one prime lens, and I have learned what I wanted to learn.

I wanted to see how I could do with some different subjects using a smaller, lighter camera than my Pentax K-5 DSLR and at the same time learn what focal lengths worked best for my new normal photography.  My test went so well that I have decided to replace my Sony NEX-6 camera and the lenses I have for it.  I have decided that the majority of my photography can be done with focal lengths between 20 and 50mm on a 1.5 crop camera.  The key is having a camera and lenses of sufficient quality to enable me to crop-zoom along with a slight shift in subjects; therefore, I am moving forward with my desire to simplify my cameras and lenses.

I am going to replace the NEX-6 and my assortment of lenses with a Fujifilm X-E1 and initially just one lens, the XF 18 – 55mm zoom lens.  While that lens is heavier and larger than I would really like, it is a better lens than anything that Sony has in a zoom.  Having the Fujifilm 18 – 55mm zoom lens will give me more flexibility and eliminate the need to have, change, and carry multiple prime lenses, with nearly the same quality as the Sony primes but in a smaller combined volume.  The X-E1 should feel more like a “real camera” than the NEX-6 which feels more like photographing with a computer.

I have liked the Sony NEX-6, especially the size and weight and the X-E1 is very similar in size and weight.  What I haven’t liked as much with the NEX-6 are the menu, exposure settings, white balance, dynamic range, and limited number of good lenses.  The X-E1 should give me higher quality in these areas with expanded potential.

I’m starting with the zoom lens since it is faster and better than most zoom lenses of that focal range and the “price was right” if I purchased it with the camera.  In addition it gives me a wide range of focal lengths with one lens.  My intent is to get a prime lens or two, or another smaller single focal length camera, if/when I feel like I need a lighter system to carry and use with one hand.  My other motive in getting the X-E1 at this time is to continue trying to photograph without a longer lens.  I still have my Pentax system to use if necessary, but I will also have the ability to get the Fujifilm 55 – 200mm lens and replace the Pentax DSLR system if I can manage dropping back from 300mm to 200mm.  If I find it necessary, I will be in a position to have and use a single camera with a minimum number of lenses and sell my DSLR Pentax system.

I’ll let you know more about my expectations and changes after I get the X-E1 and have had a chance to use it for a while.


  1. Dee

    Definitely interesting rock formations, love the color in the rock. It looks like we are really close to them yet I know you were not.You captured them well


    • John

      No, I was pretty close to them and using a 20mm lens. The tracks were close to the tracks. They hadn’t cut away any more of the rocks for the right-away than they had to.