Fujifilm X-E1

Yesterday I received my new Fujifilm X-E1 camera with the X 18 – 55mm lens.  I no longer own the Sony NEX-6 and lenses.  As soon as I charged the battery, I took the X-E1 out for a short walk in the evening.  I wanted to get some “typical pictures” to see how the images looked.  I used the raw format and LR5 to process them in the same manner I normally do with all of my cameras.

I tried a lot of different situations, back-lighting, etc. to see how the camera worked.  I have also used different development styles on some of the pictures so I could check out how the files responded.  So far things look good.  Even with this different sensor and way of converting raw files they look pretty much the same, and that is good.  I was initially hesitant to get this camera because of the different sensor and processing but I wanted the size, weight, and handling characteristics of this particular camera.

I still have a lot of testing to do.  All of the above pictures were taken at ISO 200, so I still need to get some lower light pictures and push the ISO up to 6400 to see about the noise characteristics, etc.  Some of the above pictures were at the 55mm end of the zoom and were then cropped.  I didn’t notice anything unusual or different.  I also didn’t find any lens profiles for this lens in LR5, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem with this lens.  I also still need to update the camera software.

I still need to take a lot more pictures and push the camera to various limits to see the differences I expect in image quality.

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