Lofty Plans


This picture was taken with my new Fujifilm X-E1 with no alterations other than cropping and re-sizing for the web.  I’m very pleased with the colors of the Fuji camera and lenses.  The colors are soft and pleasing without the need for any adjustments.  With my other cameras I tended to always add contrast and clarity as well as make other changes.  While doing that, I tended to often get carried away and over-do it, but I didn’t like the raw images without it.

My plans are to primarily just use one camera .. my X-E1.  At the moment I’m using the 18 – 55mm zoom lens and I love it.  It will be my primary lens, especially when I need either the wide 18mm or the slightly telephoto 55mm end.  I have ordered the 27mm pancake lens to use when walking-about, especially around people.  I probably will order the 55 – 200mm lens later.

I have sold all of my Sony NEX-6 gear and will probably sell my Pentax K-5 gear in stages.  I’m basically trading two cameras and nine lenses for one camera and three lenses.  I’ll next sell my prime lenses and then the K-5 and the zoom lenses.  Sometime along the way I’ll also probably sell my Lumic LX7.  The unresolved part of the plan yet is whether to get another camera for backup … maybe something smaller for the pocket … maybe not.  It all depends on how my photography changes and how soon the economy changes.  Basically, I’m trying to get ready for the end of my buying cameras and get ready for the long haul … for the downhill slide in the economy, etc.  I’m getting ready to hunker-down and retreat back towards the basics.

I also hope to make some changes in my blog.  It started out as a travel photography blog and has evolved as I traveled less and moved to Hanover, PA.  I had another blog before I moved here in which I wrote about subjects related to change.  You will have noticed from my recent articles that I’m going to be slipping a few of those types of articles among my pictures.  I’ll put them under the category “My Musings”.  You have also been seeing fewer articles about camera gear.  I hope to continue that trend.  I hope to have articles about photography, but less about the gear.  Since I’m “going with the flow”, it is hard to forecast how it will evolve.  I would like to express more about how I feel or think about things and less about how I made the picture, but for an ex-engineer that is a hard transition.


  1. Dee

    The colors of the sky are soft and warm and just beautiful,it has captured the clouds and the wisps well too since you have not touched it