Eisenhower Farm … demo of WB & Exposure with Fuji X-E1

I am using this posting to show you how well the Fujifilm X-E1 does at picking White Balance (WB) and exposure under different lighting conditions.  I made these pictures while touring the Eisenhower Farm in Gettysburg, PA.  It was Ike’s retreat while he was president and his retirement home afterward.

All of the indoor pictures are shown at the WB and exposure settings as chosen by the camera.  On the outdoor shots I changed the WB to daylight values in LR5 since I find the WB chosen by the camera to be slightly blue … at least in the raw files.  I haven’t tried jpegs.

The indoor pictures were made in low light since they keep all the shades drawn to keep out the sun light and use only low-wattage in the lamps to prevent fading of the fabrics.  The picture of his den, for example, was taken at ISO of 5000, f2.8 aperture, and 1/30 sec.

I am quite pleased with this camera.  It should be an excellent camera for travel and in museums.

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