Can a Picture Be Found Just Anywhere?

130919-092151_Plum Creek-Edit-2

A good picture has to speak to you emotionally in some way.  I like the above, but it probably doesn’t appeal the same to others.  I’m not sure why I like it, but it’s probably because of the circumstances under which it was taken and the knowledge that many won’t recognize it even though they walk by it quite often.  I was tired, my knees and back were hurting and I was slowly walking back from cashing a check, and of course, I just happened to have my camera with me.  I was feeling tired and down a little since I didn’t think there was any chance of getting any pictures during the rest of the day.

I often prefer making pictures that others would just pass by and trying to find something of interest in any nondescript scene.  I also like the concept of trying to make pictures simple.  Since I don’t have any outings planned for a while, I think that I will take this idea a little further and pick a small area or single subject and then just take a series of pictures and see if I can make anything out of them.  The following is probably stretching the concept a little too far, but it is different, but yet a common scene.

130919-092022_Plum Creek-Edit-2

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  1. Dee

    I am loving the black and white. The first pic could have been taken here in Kansas at the zoo, it looks exactly like the den we have for our grizzly bear. I love it