Through the Window

In the past when the weather was bad, I have been known to occasionally take a few pictures through the window.  Sometimes they don’t work with different cameras due to focusing areas, etc., and since I hadn’t tried it with the X-E1, I thought now might be a good time to try.  It does appear that our weather is starting to turn towards winter and thus my thoughts relative to photography will also be shifting somewhat.  I don’t have great views out my window but when I do photograph through a window it is usually through the windows in front of my computer which face east.  The above are a couple of early morning views.

Thankfully, I had no problems at all with the X-E1 and the 27 mm lens, especially considering that I was photographing through venetian blinds, dirty double pane window, and screen.  Since these are using the WB as chosen by the camera, you can see the slight blue cast that it has.  I am getting more use to it and find that I am changing it less often.


  1. Dee

    How come when you take a pic through the window, the is no glare from the window, that always happens to me.