I saw a flock of birds land across the street so I grabbed my camera.  What I wanted to do was get a shot of them against the plain sky with a slow shutter speed so that the birds were blurred in flight.  I set the shutter speed to 1/15 sec, not thinking about the fact that the image would be over exposed.  I also didn’t realize that the birds were going to stay low and not fly up high enough in the sky.  What I got is what you see … over exposed with excessive camera motion and everything blurred.  Since they flew before I got close enough I also had to crop the image and re-size it in LR5.  You have to click on the picture and view it in a larger size to really see the birds.

Since I still liked the effect I decided to show it to you anyway.  I would also like to make the point that there is really no such thing as failure, just a lesson learned.

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  1. Dee

    Agreed, some great lessons come from an error. I do think this one came out great, I like the fuzzy look the pic has. Sounds like you will be undertaking a big project.