High Contrast B&W Photography

The above pictures were taken under different conditions from outside on a bright sunny day, to inside with good lighting, to inside with poor lighting, to outside on a gray overcast day.  I developed them using Silver Efex Pro using a similar process on each.

I like some strong black and white pictures and I have thought about this style of photography since it potentially solves several problems.  One, you don’t need a good camera with a fast lens and larger sensor to take pictures under poor lighting conditions.  Using this style lessens the need for an expensive camera and lets the photographer use a less expensive smaller pocket camera.  Second it tends to diminish the recognition of individuals when the photographer takes pictures of them and thus it shifts the message to the overall image rather than individuals.

I haven’t decided how well I like the process, but it is one that I have seen used and I wanted to try it.  I can think of times when it might be useful.  It might grow on me, but I first wanted to see how it looked on the screen and how it was received by others.  I also did it since I like to “mix it up” with my photography to have more variety.