When I took this picture the other day through the window, the temperature was 17 degrees F. outside and I was waiting for sunrise.  The sunrise didn’t bring warm enough temperatures.

This morning I am waiting for the storm to arrive.  We have snow 30 miles north of us and rain 30 miles south of us.  Our temperature is 33 degrees so I am expecting mostly rain.

I think I will wait for spring and warmer temperatures.  In the interim I will be trying to shift the majority of my photography indoors.

Waiting seems to be the only thing to do anymore.

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  1. Dee

    You gave me a chuckle this morning, I think we are all waiting for something. I am just glad I am here and able to do the waiting. It has been very cold, damp here for a week but we avoided getting any snow. Sometimes I think that the snow buffers the cold and the bitterness that bites into you when there is no snow. Must be the Canadian in me. I like the hint of orange and the dark grey in the sky, you were up before the sun.