Using a Pocket Camera

The image quality might not be as good as could be gotten with a larger camera but sometimes it is better to get the image rather than to have missed it.  And then there is the issue of what is good enough.  It seems that I am always wrestling with the issues of quality vs. size & weight vs. cost.  I usually take a better camera with me when I go for a walk but sometimes I just don’t like dealing with the size and weight.

These images are not as good as yesterday’s picture of the Heron but they demonstrate the differences. Yesterday’s Heron pictures were made at an equivalent focal length of 450 mm with my Pentax DSLR and today’s Egret pictures were made with an equivalent 200 mm focal length with my pocket Panasonic LF1 camera.  I am including them in my blog since they also help illustrate issues that I am facing.  I am trying to make some decisions.  One, what is the lowest quality that I might be agreeable with using in my blog?  Second, what kinds of pictures can be made with a smaller and lighter camera?  Third, can I find a style of pictures that I like that can readily be made with a small camera?

I don’t think these are suitable images to be made with a pocket camera.  At least not for me.  The answers lie elsewhere.