Walk in Hanover, PA with 18 mm Lens

If you haven’t figured it out from my recent posts, I have made a concentrated effort to work with each of my cameras and lenses to review their limitations and strengths in more depth.  My last post “Trees” was an example of how I will probably mostly use my pocket LT1.  The images in this post show how I will probably use my 18 mm prime lens on the X-E1; i.e., walking about in towns among people when traveling, etc.

All of the above images were taken at an aperture of F8.  I left the camera at that setting and let the shutter speed range between 1/250 and 1/1100 sec. at the base ISO of 200.  I used center point focusing and then cropped the pictures (usually the bottom was cut off) to achieve the above compositions which are the full width.  I sometimes took the pictures (like the first one) without raising the camera to eye level.

It isn’t the sharpest Fuji lens, but it is a small pancake lens.  With it on the X-E1 I can keep the camera on a strap around my neck and under a jacket if I need to hide it or if it rains suddenly.  It also easily fits into a zip-lock bag if it rains and I don’t have a waterproof jacket.  In addition, it also is out-of-the-way while hanging on the strap when I’m sitting in a restaurant.   I also use my 27 mm lens this same way if/when I need a smaller field of view.