Starting a Shift in Cameras

I have been sorting through and testing various lenses and cameras as part of my decision process for determining how I am going to proceed with my photography.  One of the results was my finding that my new Pentax 55 – 300 mm lens back-focused and that the extra 100 mm over the 55 – 200 mm lens was not worth the increased weight and size, so I returned it.

Another result was finding that I like flower pictures made with my X-E1 camera and the 18 – 55 mm zoom lens.  I have always used my Pentax long lenses for these kinds of images in the past.  I doubt that will be the case going forward.

Another finding was that the Fuji 18 – 55 mm zoom lens suits me better under some conditions than I had assumed.  I had thought that I would use the prime lenses and not the zoom but the zoom is really good and it has image stabilization.  My only problem is the larger size and weight.  It puts more pressure on my thumbs while using it, but I might be able to alleviate it some by obtaining the add-on hand grip.

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