Rhododendrons Starting to Bloom

The Rhododendrons are starting to bloom so I used them to see how an Olympus E-PL5 micro 4/3 camera with an Olympus 17 mm lens would treat them.  I am trying the camera to see if it is a suitable answer to some problems I am having with my hands, etc.  I was able to use the tilting LCD to get close and help compose them from a lower angle without needing to bend my back or knees.

I am contemplating several changes with my photography.  I am thinking about simplifying and reducing the weight of my gear by selling my Pentax DSLR and confining my images to what I can photograph with effective focal lengths of less than around 55 mm.  Switching back to micro 4/3 cameras with smaller lighter lenses is one possible solution, but I haven’t decided yet.  It will depend upon image quality, ergonomics, cost, and versatility of the system as well as finding suitable compositions to photograph without effective focal lengths out to 300 mm.

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