Model Railroaders, Craftsmen in Action

140513-100544_Trains In addition to the things I mentioned in an earlier post, I also like to show stories; therefore, I am thinking about doing a series on craftsmen in action at Homewood.  My next long-term project hopefully will be photographing the Model Railroaders at Homewood at Plum Creek as they build a new portable display.  I hope to follow their progress weekly as they design it, build it, and display it to the public.  I won’t know how I will present it until it is finished, but I am thinking of an article for print and a video show. One problem that I have is that it probably won’t be completed until December and during the interim I doubt that I will be posting many of the pictures on my blog.  Depending upon the number of long-term projects I pursue, the amount of time they consume, etc. could result in fewer, less-frequent posts on this blog, so if you see gaps in my posts it isn’t because I’m not taking pictures.  It will be due to the length of time required to photograph and finish projects.