Old & New … Will Less be Sufficient?


Sometimes the old needs replaced because it is broken or worn out or just no longer will do the job, and sometimes it is for other reasons.  The reasons are obvious in the above picture, but not so obvious in my latest camera change.

I sold my Pentax K-50 and lenses.  I didn’t do it for any of the above reasons.  I loved everything about the camera.  I was the problem, not the camera.  I guess I am getting worn out.  Those who have followed my blog know that I have had many Pentax DSLRs and have sold them and gone back to them several times.  I left them after I had back surgery many years ago since it just wasn’t comfortable for me to carry and use a DSLR with larger and heavier lenses.  After I improved and found that I regained my strength, and missed their capabilities, I went back to a Pentax DSLR.  Now I doubt that I ever will return to heavier, larger DSLR lenses for APS size sensors.  My arthritis in my back, knees, and hands just makes it too uncomfortable.

I am in the process of trying the micro 4/3 system again.  There have been a lot of improvements in micro 4/3 gear since I used it many years ago.  To ease back in this direction, I purchased the Olympus E-PL5 along with the kit lens and the new 17 mm lens.  The new 17 mm lens is a lot better than the older one that I used in Tunisia, etc.  I haven’t decided whether to use the E-PL5 with longer focal length zoom lenses, but I will try it.  I may also obtain some other prime lenses for it, but I am not ready to decide yet.  I still have my Fujifilm X-E1 and multiple prime and zoom lenses, but they haven’t been getting much use or love since I got the E-PL5.  The X-E1 has superior image quality but I may eventually decide to replace it and the lenses with a smaller and lighter system.   That decision will have to wait until I see how I like the micro 4/3 system for different types of photography.