Are the Fujifilm Cameras and Lenses too Heavy or Necessary?

140604-064122_Plum Creek I am still pondering which camera to use when and whether I need all of my cameras.  I used my Panasonic LF1 to take the above image early one morning along Plum Creek.  That camera has the worst image quality of my cameras but is the smallest, has a nice zoom out to an effective 200 mm, and is easy to carry in a shirt pocket.

My most recently acquired camera is an Olympus E-PL5 which is a micro 4/3 camera.  It has good enough (most of the time) image quality as long as I photograph in raw format and then process the images in Lightroom (LR).  It also has a nice collection of very good lenses and I currently have the range covered between an effective 28 mm and 300 mm with both zooms and prime lenses.  Its biggest advantage is that the lenses are small and easy to carry and use.

My third camera system is my Fujifilm X-E1 with a range of prime and zoom lenses that cover the same range as the above E-PL5; but the camera and lenses are larger and heavier.  Its advantage is that it has the best image quality of the three camera systems and is best for photographing people indoors in poorer light.

I bought the Olympus E-PL5 when I stopped using the Fujifilm 55 – 200 mm lens because it is too large and heavy.  It was spending all of its time sitting in a camera drawer.  My original intent was to get a relatively less expensive micro 4/3 camera to primarily use with longer lenses, like with my 40 – 150 mm zoom lens, and then to use the X-E1 with a few prime lenses.  But I found that I liked the size, weight, capabilities, image quality, etc. of the E-PL5 micro 4/3 system so well that I have bought wider prime lenses as well as zoom lenses for it.  Now I am not so sure that I really need the Fuji camera and lenses.

The question is whether, or not, micro 4/3 sensors and cameras and lenses are sufficient for my photography?  The Fuji system has superior image quality but at the added expense of more weight and size, especially when you consider the lenses.  I chuckle when I read the many blog articles about people switching from Nikon DSLR systems to Fuji to cut weight and increase the likelihood that they will carry a Fuji system more often.  The problem is relative.

I switched from Pentax DSLRs to Fuji to cut weight, and now I’m considering taking the next step and ditching my Fuji system for micro 4/3 to cut more weight and get back to one system.  As technology improves and size and weight goes down, a sufficient system gets smaller and easier to use.  My move to the Fujifilm system was probably a step past my point of sufficiency.