Getting Closer

One of my considerations for a new project is taking macro pictures of flowers, etc.  Olympus has a nice 60 mm macro lens but the higher the focal length, etc. the greater is the need to only shoot with a tripod due to the extremely small depth of field (DoF) and difficulty in focusing on the area of interest.  Since I don’t wish to spend the money for such a limited-use lens nor do I wish to have to use a tripod, I am looking into options.  Since I also don’t wish to photograph insects in great detail, I am exploring the option of using my 45 mm lens and then cropping and re-sizing to get photos.  The above images are the results of one attempt.

The advantage of using the 45 mm lens is that it is a nice sharp lens pretty much across the field and theoretically the DoF is deeper than with a 60 mm lens.  A disadvantage is that the minimum close focusing distance of the 45 mm lens is only 19.7 inches while the 60 mm lens is 7.4 inches.

PS … I tried similar pictures using the 14 – 42 mm kit lens at the same aperture, etc. and they were not as sharp.  Prime lenses still beat zoom lenses for sharpness especially at the extremes of the zoom focal lengths.  Sharpness isn’t always needed, but is essential if you wish to crop into a picture significantly and still have good details.

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