Shifting my Investment in Photography

I took the above pictures while walking Misty this morning.  Don’t forget to click on a picture and then view them larger in the gallery mode.  Once in the gallery mode, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you can also click on the full size selection to view them even larger so that you can evaluate their quality.

I have reduced the number of my cameras, reduced the value of them, reduced the size of their sensors, and reduced the physical size of the lenses and cameras.  I am now down to two cameras that I use; the Panasonic LF1 pocket camera which I used to take the above pictures and the Olympus E-PL5 micro 4/3rds camera.  By selling some of my cameras and lenses I am generating some cash while pondering my next move in photography.

My objective at the moment is to determine what I can achieve (really what I cannot do) with these inexpensive cameras and think about how I would like to photograph in the future.  I am trying to simplify my photography and to concentrate on just a few areas.  These two cameras cover my needs at the moment … having a pocket camera for just-in-case pictures and having a camera for photographing projects around here.

My longer term objective is to determine if there is one camera that covers the above needs and also lends itself to some personal photography that I am thinking about, and if not, do I need three cameras.  I have had this urge for some time to simplify my photography down to one camera.  At the moment it is just a thought exercise that is probably unaffordable and/or unnecessary, but I enjoy thinking about “what would I do if I had only one camera and one lens”.


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