Solving and Fixing the Water Problem

140502-072951_Plum Creek

This past winter we had a lot of water flowing across one of our paths.  It was a continuous steady flow right up to now.  You can see it in the above picture.  In addition to the problem with the water on the path, a lot of the surrounding ground all along the base of the hill got very marshy.  In other words we had a swamp.  Or should I say the swamp had returned.  One of the old-timers who lives here told me that a lot of the ground around here was a swamp at one time before the farmer installed drain tile.  This was a long time before Homewood bought this land.

Upon investigating where the water was coming from, they found an unknown drain tile under the ground.  They found that it was broken and blocked.  Upon further looking it seems that there are many springs in the hill-side with water now bubbling out.  They are now installing a new French Drain to capture the water and drain it to the pond.  The following are pictures of the work.  In the last picture you can see that the water is really flowing as it comes out of the pipe now right above the pond.

The following picture is a picture of the Heron who was watching all of this from the other side of the pond.  Well, I don’t think it was really interested in the work.  It was more interested in looking for lunch.



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