What is a Panasonic LF1 Good For?

Lately I have been walking with just the Panasonic LF1 camera in a pocket or in my hand.  The neighbors stop and ask me “Where is your camera?”  They are accustomed to seeing me walk with a camera on a sling or neck strap.  They don’t notice the LF1 until I show it to them.

I have explored just how small I can go with a camera.  I used the LF1 one day to take the above pictures.  I was trying a variety to see how well it did under different conditions.   I had to adjust the exposure, WB, contrast, clarity, etc. before I converted the raw files to jpegs for this blog.

I think that the above are only fair.  I view the LF1 as a “just-in-case” camera for those times I see something and don’t have a better camera with me.