Walking with a Prime Lens

I was just walking around looking for things to photograph … things that others aren’t likely to photograph, when I took these pictures.  I confess … they are part of my effort to decide on which prime lens to use when and where.  These were taken with my 25 mm (effective 50 mm) lens.  That is a little short for walking in this location.  In the future I will probably mostly use my 45 mm (effective 90 mm) lens for similar walks.  I prefer to just use one lens at a time and then adjust my photography to match the angle of view.


  1. Dee

    Oh my gosh!, that is so neat that you can see right through. You are correct, I had to look several times. Thanks John


  2. Dee

    There appears to be a spec of light inside the pipe, was wondering if it may have been a cat’s eye.