Seeing Red on Hanover Streets

I needed to drive across town so I took my Panasonic LF1 and took a few pictures when I was stopped in traffic yesterday.  They turned out better than I expected since I took all of these through the tinted, not absolutely clean windows of my car.  I didn’t have the luxury of driving a BMW X3 with the top down like the young blonde.  I took more pictures than these but I decided to show you the ones which had something red in them.

The reason I took these pictures was that I thought it was a good time, given the clouds we had, to further test my LF1.  I have been thinking about looking for something to replace or supplement it.  What I would desire is better IQ, better low light capability, and better, faster focusing.  The LF1 will not focus on the clouds so I have to focus on the distant skyline and then recompose the image.  In order to get better image quality and focusing, it would have to be a larger camera.  That is the downside.  Anything else isn’t going to fit in a shirt pocket.  I am looking at the 2/3 inch or one-inch sensor cameras hoping to find something affordable with the right ergonomics, speed of focusing, etc. that isn’t too large.

In reality, I don’t need or desire to take pictures like the above.  I probably don’t need a camera to replace the LF1.  Instead, I should just use the LF1 for emergencies and use my Olympus E-PL5 and lenses for any serious photography.  If I need better IQ than it has, I would look at a larger size sensor and one or two prime lenses.

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