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I often wonder how often smart phones are used for cameras vs. for calling people.  I like watching how our technology changes, and how it changes us.  Smart phones have destroyed the small P&S camera business since people now just use their phone to take pictures.

Not only do people now use their phone to take pictures, they do not talk face-to-face as much as they did.  They also don’t call people on the phone as much as they use to.  They now just text or send e-mails.

I have taken over 300 pictures this past week but few of them will end up in my blog since I have been taking them for other uses.  I toured a local sawmill this past week and used my Olympus E-PL5 camera mostly with the 14 mm Panasonic lens, but I also took a few pictures with my Olympus 45 mm lens.  I had a lot of competition taking pictures … from the phone above to the newspaper photographer below.  Even many newspapers are now replacing their photographers and big cameras.  They find that people submitting videos and pictures taken with smart phones are cheaper and timelier.


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  1. Dee

    You are so right, everyone is snapping pics with their phones but the quality is not near as good as one taken with a camera.