Tour of Baummer Sawmill

I toured the Baummer Sawmill here in Hanover, PA with the Men’s Group from Homewood at Plum Creek.  It is a very interesting place.  Their primary business is recovering old lumber from barns and then turning it into beautiful flooring, etc.  I am showing you a few of my pictures from our tour as they showed us how they cut old logs and mill the boards into flooring.  If you are interested in the business you can read more about it on their website by clicking here.  I will post another set of pictures later showing the old pre-civil war house that they are restoring


  1. Dee

    When we lived in Md. My Dad found some old wood in the barn to repair the milk house door with, he could not understand why he could not use nails. Found out it was chestnut, very hard and he ended up using screws. The home had chestnut floors and they were beautiful.